5 Best Sites like Dropbox

If you want to save your documents online, Dropbox is definitely one of the best solutions. Reliability and simplicity are its strengths and made it more usable.

It is no coincidence that Dropbox has over 50 million users . The free version can store up to 2GB of data, expandable to 16 GB through paid subscription.

But as the Internet, everything is ten times faster, we are not immune to a crash or a bankruptcy. Looking to Replace Dropbox? Here are five equivalent sites (even better)

1. Minus

Whether to keep a single site to replace Dropbox, so it would Minus. I speak regularly on Around the web, this tool is ideal to store and share documents. 10 GB are free, expandable up to 50GB using the referral link (Me, I’m in block!).

sites like dropbox

2. Dropcanvas

A superb free online tool that provides drag and drop your files. No registration is required, simply post and share! Dropcanvas can send up to 5GB.

site like dropbox dropcanvas

3. Droplr

Droplr is a site offering a beautiful interface. Add to that Mac applications, iPhone or Windows, and you have a very good online storage service. Too bad the limit of 25 MB to come ruin it.

sites like dropbox droplr

4. Ge.tt

Really, I feel that you have selected online services offering the famous drag and drop! Besides this option, you can start with 2 GB without registration, but the files are stored as 30 days.

sites like dropbox gett

5. Pastelink

No records. No pub. No software to install. The founders of Pastelink played on simplicity and speed. Free registration allows you to share up to 2GB

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