Most Popular Online Gaming Categories

A wide variety of free online games that are available today. A lot of online players want to experience the power of web with free games for either fun or just to spend time.

Technology has made a lot of advancement and with powerful servers to host the games and powerful clients to play these games online gaming has made a big leap forward.

These games are available on a variety of devices like PCs, cellphones and tablets.

The most popular categories of online gaming include:

1. Action and Adventure

These games are filled with a lot of excitement and cater to all ages.

2. Strategy Games

Player who love mental challenges go for strategy games and as the level of difficulty increases, solving these could be really rewarding.


MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

4. Shooting Games

These are intended for mature audiences who are attracted to violence. It is very similar to action and adventure gaming category but the level of violence is a lot more.

5. Casino Games

These aim for again more mature audience who want to experience the gambling experience online. Slots, roulettes, blackjack and poker games are the most popular among online casino gamers.

Online games are great because it also has a social touch associated with it and all players whether adolescents or adults, boys or girls have a lot of fun playing games online.

The above list was just a small subset of the huge list of categories that are available for players online.

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