Google Fiber Set to Release This Week

Although Google has never focused on hardware outside of their support of Android smartphones, their dominance in the software market remains significant.

Gmail is one of the top email platforms in the world, and Google’s calendars, file sharing services and cloud storage offerings are widely popular. Add that to their industry leading search engine and ownership of Youtube, the most visited website on the planet, and you’ve got a true dominance of the online world.

With all that strength, it is surprising that Apple continues to beat them in consumer loyalty. But Apple has managed to create a fierce anticipation of each new product offering, based on their yearly launches chaired by the late Steve Jobs.

Google seems to be taking a page from Apple’s book, with invitations going out this week for a “special event” happening in Kansas City on the 26th of July.

Although the invitation sent out on Tuesday said very little, it did explain that the event will feature an announcement about their latest release, Google Fiber, and what they declare is the next chapter in the evolution of the internet.

Google Fiber is their hotly anticipated network that will bring fiber optic internet to homes across America. The event seems to fit in perfectly with Google Fiber’s expected timeline, with many experts thinking it will launch before the end of the month.

Google had first discussed this product back in the early part of 2010. It’s designed to be the first gigabit home network, and the company took applications by municipalities looking to be the first area to test drive the product. Thousands of cities competed for the honor, and Google announced in March that Kansas City was the winner.

The drive behind Google’s network according to the company was to empower the public with a gigabit internet connection, and to see what people would do with those capabilities. But it may also be a shot across the bow of internet service providers.

ISP’s have been griping for a long time that their infrastructures are enormously expensive, and were hunting for public acceptance of the idea that large sites such as Netflix or Google should be forced to pay for some portion of the traffic the ISP’s deliver.

Google Fiber will give the company a firsthand view of the resources that it actually takes to build out such a network, as well as what the operating costs look like.

Google is known for innovation, and after several months of operating Google Fiber, chances are they will release data showing how they’ve lowered costs and adapted technology to perform better.

The traditional ISP’s are quite slow to adapt, especially considering the ever-changing world of computer technology. Google has managed to remain flexible, and after they have some data of their own, they will be able to dispute the ISP’s claims of poverty, taking that pressure off itself and the other large websites.

Those Internet Service Providers are certainly watching Google closely. Time Warner Cable, which operates extensively in Kansas City, has actually requested all of their employees come forward with any information they uncover about Google Fiber.

Whether any of those folks can be encouraged to look away from their screen protectors long enough to take notes on Google remains to be seen. But with Google Fiber poised to launch, Time Warner’s ability to combat the new development is certainly running out.

Evan Fischer
Evan Fischer is a freelance writer and part-time student at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. He enjoys writing about the latest tech news for a variety of companies and discovering new and innovative gadgets.
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