DSLR-quality images made easy with new, lightweight compact NEX-F3 camera from Sony.



Sony’s Alpha NEX series provide any photographer the opportunity to take great pictures and record movies in Full HD all with a light and powerful digital camera. The NEX camera series include interchangeable lens cameras that allow DSLR quality images to be shot, yet remain as compact as a Cyber-shot camera.


Create perfect self-portraits with ease

Unique to Sony, the automatic framing portrait uses a face detection system to identify the subject and adjust the skin tones to achieve the most flattering results. Then the camera reframes the scene as close as possible to that of professional-looking images that you can be proud of – a truly remarkable feature that sets these cameras apart from the rest.

Breathtaking images without bulky equipment

NEX-series is an interchangeable lens camera series to offer true creative freedom. So light and portable, these compact cameras are ideal for travel and everyday shooting whilst delivering professional quality. Like conventional digital SLR cameras, you can easily make impressive defocus effects, with a perfectly sharp focus on your subject and the background slightly blurred.

Here are my personal favourite features for each camera:

Sony NEX-5N

16.1 effective megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and new BIONZ processor enabling ISO 25600 high sensitivity
Styled in magnesium, just 23.3mm slim (Distance from front of body to LCD monitor screen surface)

Sony NEX-7

24.3 effective megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor

High-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ and built-in flash

Sony NEX-F3

180° tiltable LCD for easy self-portraits
Long 470 shot battery life and easy USB charging

All these cameras have their own advantages but the NEX-7 is my personal favourite. There are a number of things that I like about it. The first is definitely the 24.3 megapixel high resolution image-taking capability. The 24 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor also enables true 1080p60 video recording, which is awesome. The camera is really compact with a built-in million-dot OLED EVF, pop up flash, tilt-screen and it is also compatible with almost all types of lenses. I also liked the build with the large hand-grip which gives it a nice feel while holding the camera.

I think it's a perfect camera for photography enthusiasts looking for a small-bodied camera that gives amazing image quality to both stills and video.

You can find out more about the Alpha NEX Range here and be sure to share your thoughts about the camera with me either here or over on Twitter.

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