Best Apps For the Samsung Galaxy S3

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been reviewed, rated and thoroughly broken in, it’s time to think about the best apps to load onto your phone in an attempt to transform it into a super-gadget.

Never again will you be stuck at bus stops, bored on the train or caught in traffic once your S3 gets fully loaded with apps.

Of course, some of these apps are available on Google Play, so you’ll be able to purchase them on any Android phone, but in many cases they will run all the better on the quad-core powered smartphone from Samsung. Some of these apps are also Samsung’s own apps, which means you won’t find them on many other handsets.

Here’s our run-down of the best apps to have on your Samsung Galaxy S3.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts an 8MP snapper, and you’ll want an app that really lets you take advantage of the phone’s camera, and show off the pictures that you take.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Instagram is the best app for the occasion. It’s got excellent integration with Facebook – naturally, given that they now own it – and it’ll make your 8MP snaps look even better than they do when viewed on your phone.

Osmos HD

Osmos HD is a great choice for those who want to make the most of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s large display and excellent screen quality.

It’s one of the most beautiful games available on Google Play, and in high definition on your S3’s AMOLED display, it will look absolutely magnificent. Even if you just download it to try it out, Osmos HD really is a must.

Angry Birds Space

We wouldn’t normally advocate downloading Angry Birds Space, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the kind of gadget this game is made to be played on.

With a huge display, bright colours and an excellent processor, you won’t have any lagging problems playing this chirpy game on your S3. No surprises there: Angry Birds Space is as unputdownable as its predecessors.

S Health

This app is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. The app is compatible with a number of sensors for the S3, including blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and body composition scales.

S Health collates this data on your personal wellbeing into charts, graphs and tables, so you can keep a close eye on your health. Download S Health and take control of your personal wellbeing.

Farm Frenzy 3

This entry warrants inclusion purely to push the quad-core aspect of the handset.

Being able to run the heavy 3D graphics in games like Farm Frenzy 3, Reckless Racing 2 and Tropical Stormfront, to name just a few, is something that many smartphones can do. Only the Samsung Galaxy S3, however, will run these games with absolute aplomb.

If you’re a fan of 3D games, or any apps and games that might tax your phone’s processor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely a phone to consider.

Video Hub

Video Hub is Samsung’s answer to HTC Watch. It’s a portal in which you can find all the videos and movies that you fancy watching on your phone, in one place.

You’ll find it pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S3, along with Google’s own Play Movies app. Both perform, just about, the same role, but you might prefer to use Video Hub, if only to relish that feeling of exclusivity that comes from being a proud Galaxy S3 owner.

Kindle Reader

The large display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 – measuring 4.8-inches – makes it one of the most sizeable smartphones on the market.

It’s even bigger than the HTC One X and is perfect for reading text. While you’ll find that browsing the web is easy with the S3, it’s also great for reading e-books; with Kindle Reader, you can access all of your Kindle files on your phone, and there’s no need to take another paperback with you again.


To use Spotify on your phone you’ll need a subscription, but it’s great to be able to listen to music on your phone, whenever and wherever.

You also won’t have to hear those pesky adverts ever again, so your playlists will cycle straight through without interruptions. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has pretty good audio quality, so your favourite songs will sound clear and punchy.

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map will render amazing graphics on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone’s large display and vivid colours mean that you’ll see the sky – on your phone – in more beauty and detail than you’ve ever seen it before.

All you have to do is point your phone at the sky, and the app will bring up a map of all the constellations that should be visible to you.


Vignette is an Android camera app that should bolster the use of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s own snapper.

While the S3 offers a stunning lens with great picture quality, the photo apps available on Android have always been somewhat lacking in terms of design, features and usability, so Vignette is a must-download for all Android users, particularly those with very good cameras on their phones.

Of course, this is just one snapshot of all the great apps available on Google Play, and even if you download all of these, you’ll still be able to fit heaps more onto your Samsung Galaxy S3.

There are plenty of apps in the Market for anything you might want them for, and S3 users can rest assured that their quad-core handsets will be able to handle absolutely anything an app may care to throw at it and then some. The Android Market is your oyster.

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