Recycling Your Old Phones and Contributing for Environment

Everybody wants to change their old mobiles and get a new ones.

Behind buying a new phone there can be several other factors like an end of a contract, a long possession period or wanting to switch to a new generation of phone.

It is normal practice for several users to sell their old phones or give their phones to any of their relatives, mates or friends. Sometime people even throw their phones as garbage.

Thus, the issue of mobile recycling is quite crucial and must take up in serious consideration.

Recycling a mobile is not only a way of helping some company to reuse mobile materials and decreasing costs of production, but it is also a great step to keep environment healthy.

Why Recycling?

According to the reports of some surveys, after every 18 to 24 months, mobile users change their phone sets.

After dumping a phone, no user thinks a bit of future effects of throwing away a phone.

Mobile set contains a wide array of critical and dangerous materials inside including cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic and these materials are main ingredients of a phone.

Recycling mobile phone is very necessary due to the quickest growing rate of mobile phones in global manufactured garbage across the world.

Undoubtedly, recycling mobile phone is a touch job and the process contains various benefits and issues.
Here we are going to talk about all the benefits and issue of recycling mobile phones.

Key Benefits of Recycling:

– The biggest benefit of recycling a mobile phone is that it minimizes the culmination of wastes around working or living areas.

– While producing mobiles, the companies have to pay great costs for raw materials like mercury, copper etc and with recycling mobile; these raw materials can easily be availed.

– There are some companies available that offer cash for old mobiles that you want to recycle. Moreover the companies like Sell Mobile Phone etc help sellers to grab great prices by selling their old phones to them.

With recycling of 1 million of mobiles, it recovers 75 pounds of gold, 33 pounds of palladium, 772 pounds of silver and 35,274 pounds of copper.

These are very rare and expensive elements which are being used in jewellery and automotive industry.

Disadvantages of dumping an old mobile in the bin:

– A typical mobile has a battery, keypad, screen and circuitry. The battery contains several hazardous chemicals and if not disposed properly can seriously be hazardous.

– If the proper way of disposal is not followed the non-recyclable parts of the mobile phones can cause critical contamination.

– Nowadays, anyone can easily recover information from an old phone. Thus, confidential information like account details, credit card details, social security numbers and personal contacts can go into wrong hands.

Thus instead of careless disposing your mobile phone it’s important to recycle in diligently. There are various sites where you can sell mobile phones and get them disposed of safely.

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