Tablet Shopping Guide: Which Tablet Computer to Buy?

tablet/slate shopping guideConfused what is the best tablet computer in the market. The article below specifies some important tips on specs and features to help you decide which tablet computer you should buy.

It was more than two years ago when the Apple’s first iPad was released, which led to the birth of tablet market.

Since then, we have come across a lots of other tablet brands like Motorola, Samsung, Sony etc.

With their amazing success and the obvious demand more and more manufacturers are trying to enter the competition.

In such a scenario where the market has been rocked by the tablet computers the question remains that how to choose the best one?

What follows is the quick and best shopping guide that needs to be looked at before shopping.

1. Size and Resolution

This is primary reason to look at when scanning the tablet market.

Tablets are not bought except for their excellent mobility and great features.

So it becomes imperative to choose a type of tablet which can be carried out anywhere, kept on hands and lap for hours without straining them.

Tablets are available in multiple sizes however; 10″ and 7″ tablets are the most popular.

A 10″ tablet is recommended as it provides the optimal combination of features and the mobility. Regarding resolution 1280×800 pixels gives the best tablet experience in a 10″ tablet.

2. Pick an Operating System

The two software giants, Google and Apple are the biggest competitors in the tablet market as far as OS is concerned.

Apple’s iOS used in iPad is by far the most popular operating system. It has features like massive App Store selection, flawless hardware and software integration, parental security options.

It also offers seamless integration with other Apple products, such as Apple TV and AirPort Extreme. However, lack of support for Adobe Flash limits the web experience to some extent.

Google’s Android OS runs in most of the other tablets. This open source software can be tweaked and optimized by the designers as per their own requirements.

Even though we have various versions of Android OS available right now, but only Android 3.0, Honeycomb is designed specifically for tablets.

Tablets with previous versions of Android do not provide the best tablet experience.

Android 3.0 has great features like an excellent notification system, support for Adobe Flash which is missing in iOS and a rock-solid integration with Google applications like Google mail, Maps, and G-talk for video chat.

However, Android supports only a limited number of Apps. But the good news is new apps are being added everyday to the market and the story could soon change.

3. CPU Speed

It is the most important element to consider while navigating the tablet market.

Fast CPU will ensure the simultaneous opening of many apps, smooth web surfing and excellent switching between apps.

Most of the tablets in use today have implemented the dual core technology, which give great performance without compromising the battery life. Even the quad core tablets are out in the market.

It depends on the type of person to choose how fast CPU he wants. If someone is really crazy about games then he needs the fastest CPU available.

Anyone with the limited needs like web surfing, email, video streaming can go with an average CPU. However, at least 1GHz processor is recommended for any type of use.

There are various other features to consider like the battery life, storage space, wireless connectivity, apps etc but above were the main features which make the compromise illusive.

4. Storage

Tablets come with various storage options. It can start from 4 GB but the most popular ones are usually 32 to 64 GBs. If you need to store a lot of multimedia files make sure when you go out to shop for a tablet you take storage into consideration.

5. Connectivity

Tablets are meant for mobility and connectivity and there are various options provided in a tablet to establish connections.

In a Tablet shopping guide you’ll definitely find Connectivity as a key parameter. Tablets provide options of WiFi and 3G for data transfer and some of the high end ones provide you to connect even using and HDMI cable.

USB is a must in a Tablet in order to shift your data from and to your Tablet.

6. Battery Life

Most of us buy tablets to get rid of wires. A tablet is expected to have a very good Battery life.

Most of the branded Tablets offer a battery life of 8 to 12 hours. Make sure you check out the battery life while you shop for your tablet.

7. Camera

Camera definitely is an integral part of any Tablet today. Definitely check out the kind of camera that you’re getting while shopping for a Tablet. Some of the tablets offer a front and a back camera.

If you’re planning to use your tablet for chatting you should not buy one without a front camera.

The back camera should also be of a good resolution. Check out with what kind of a resolution you can capture your video and still images.

For example, LG Optimus Pad can capture 2MP with the Front camera, 5 MP with the rear camera and 1080p 3D videos.

In the end you get what you pay. The lowest priced tablets will lack the processing power, resolution and the battery life. So if you have the money up your sleeve then iPad 2 of Apple is the best choice.

Alyssa Clarke
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