Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android Phone

disadvantages of rooting android phoneThe benefits derived in rooting an android phone have blindfolded people from seeing its deficiency.

Rooting an android phone, which is synonymous to jail breaking, is a very good practice for those who will like to disengage themselves from the monitoring eye of their phone manufacturer.

It is even seen as a way of gaining freedom in the sense that when an android smartphone is rooted, the user breaks the restriction of operating within a web of selected option that has been designed by default.

Rooting your android device also gives you full access to your phone without the control of your phone manufacturing company or the phone carrier.

After seeing all the benefits derived from rooting an android phone, do you ever think of what the side effect of rooting could be?

Or do you think that for every change altered on the default settings of a phone, there won’t be consequence? Or don’t you ever think of why the phone is configured to work as it was in the initial stage?

This and many more are the things to quest for before rooting an android phone. In this article, I’ll be shedding light into the major side effects of rooting your android phone.


Get in mind, when an android phone is rooted the battery of such phone will depreciate in capacity making the lifespan and durability of the battery to decline.

Let’s take for instance, your android battery is meant to last for as long as ten hours before it was rooted, the same battery that lasts for ten hours might eventually not last longer than four hours or less after it has been rooted.

This is due to the fact that the default settings of the phone have been made to use little power on the battery which reduces how much of the battery power your android phone consumes, and altering these settings will impact on how your android phone consumes power.


One more thing to know is that from the moment you make an attempt to root your android phone is when you start nullifying the warranty given to you by the manufacturer of the phone.

When you purchase a device, the manufacturer of the device will give you privilege to report any fault that arises on it within a stipulated time which is usually a year.

And this gives you the privilege to get the device repaired or replaced for free when complaint is made before the expiry of the warranty, if not intentionally damage.

But, from the moment you attempt to root your android smartphone, you automatically nullify your warranty and you’ll be left to handle any problem that arises on the device before and after the expiry date of your warranty.

The sad thing about rooting your android device is that you’ll always need the service of an expert to revert your smartphone to its initial stage.

Reverting a rooted android smartphone might lead to its total damage if care is not taken.


Finally, by rooting your android device, you stand a great risk of bricking it.

Bricking your android device refers to the situation where the software of you phone is totally messed up, rendering your smartphone useless.

This risk is irreversible because rooting your android device nullifies every warranty privilege you can get from the manufacturer.

If you are afraid of rendering your android device useless by turning it into a brick, you should stay far from rooting it.

But, I’ve seen people that have successfully rooted their android devices and are happy with it, which mean rooting an android device might not totally be a bad idea.

James Jorner
This is a guest post contribution from James Jorner who shares his experience on Smartphones and Technology. He also writes for www.speedyloan.com, a site that shares details on quick loans.
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