Is Your Gaming Computer Up To Todays Standards?

gaming pcIt has been estimated that nearly 217 million people worldwide, and that nearly 20% of American adults play games online.

It has become in many ways just as popular of hobby as basketball or football, and is continuing to grow and become more popular.

To these 20% of adults who are online gamers, there is nothing more important to enhance their gaming experience than the right gaming computer or gaming laptop.

When looking for the right gaming computer or gaming laptop, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the biggest factors every gamer wants is speed. No one wants their computer to run slow or freeze when they are in the middle of a game.

Choosing the best CPU, the Central Processing Unit, is important because it is the brain of your computer. The right CPU, or processor, will help your computer run at lightning fast speeds.

The higher frequency of a CPU, the faster your processor speed will be.

You also need to choose the right motherboard system and hard drive. The motherboard is the center-piece of your computer system, where all your computer equipment is integrated together.

The role of the motherboard is to ensure that all parts of the computer are running smoothly and efficiently.

Your hard drive is important because no matter how fast your processor runs, if your hard drive cannot keep up with it you will still have a slow computer.

Computer RAM, random access memory, is also a critical part of your gaming computer.

RAM provides a temporary space for all your data to be managed and stored. The bigger the memory size of the RAM means the more room you will have for saving information.

Generally, computer gamers save a lot of data to their RAM so the higher the amount of RAM, the more efficiently your computer will run. Generally, 2GB of RAM, if not more, is suggested to ensure that your gaming experience will run smoothly.

Often overlooked, but one of the central components to any good gaming computeris the graphics card.

Some things to look for when looking for a good graphic card are its GPU and video memory size.

The GPU is the chip on the back of a graphics card, and it is important because it is responsible for all image processing.

Video memory size is important because it will affect the speed and intensity at which your graphics will be able to be processed. Once again, the higher the GB, the better gaming experience you will have.

The great thing about buying gaming computers and gaming laptops are that you can use them for multiple purposes.

They do not have to solely be gaming computers alone. They are fast and high quality computers than can and should be
used for school, business, and other personal use as well.

Michael Jeffreys
This guest post was provided by Michael Jeffreys—a writer from Digital Storm Online—online provider of gaming computers and gaming laptops.
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