10 Important Tech Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggersBlogging is a very popular form of self-expression these days, with new advancements happening all the time.

Blogs can be great places to find information, feedback, and viewpoints on various topics.

If you are a blogger who is looking for some handy tech tips, look no further than the following list.

These tips will help you with a variety of common blogging tasks and issues.

1. Choose a Strong Domain Name

You may think that choosing a domain name is a fairly simple part of creating a blog, and in all honesty it is.

It shouldn’t require a great deal of thought to come up with a domain name that is strong and unique to your blog.

You want to make your domain name something that your readers can easily remember, as this is what they will type when they wish to visit your blog.

Just put a little thought into it and you should be able to think of a name that suits your blog perfectly.

2. Pick the Right Type of Blogging Platform

The type of blogging platform that is best for you depends on your individual situation.

Hosted blogging platforms are best for people who plan on blogging for fun or entertainment rather than a career.

They are the easiest and cheapest type of blogging platform available. Stand-alone blogging platforms are more advanced and tend to be best for bloggers who plan on making blogging more than just a hobby.

Then there are remote blogging platforms, which are also more advanced and require a deep knowledge of blogging software and technology.

Take a minute to check into all of them before choosing one.

3. Take Money into Consideration

One important thing that should be taken into consideration by bloggers is money.

You should definitely make a budget that includes all the costs you may encounter with blogging.

If you are a casual blogger, it may not cost you much to create and operate your blog, but if you are a more advanced blogger it may be more expensive.

It all depends on things like platforms, software, web hosting, advertisement, etc.

4. Allow Guest Posting

Guest posters not only save you time and money, but they can also generate traffic by adding fresh, new ideas to your blog.

With someone else taking the time to blog for you, you can focus your attention to other areas of your blog or career.

In addition, guest posters are utilizing their resources instead of yours, so you will have more time and money for other things.

5. Add Interesting Photos

Photos usually make blogs much more interesting, so you should always take the time to add them to your blog.

Applications such as Stock.xchng and Paint.net are both great for adding and editing photos. Your blog and readers will thank you.

6. Interact with Readers

One of the great things about blogs is the fact that they can be interactive.

This means bloggers and readers can communicate through the blog and share ideas, thoughts, and views.

One great way to gain feedback on your blog is to use an application known as PollDaddy, which allows you to create customized polls and surveys for your readers to respond to.

7. Create a Visually Stunning Blog

If your blog is attractive, the more likely people are to read and follow it.

Luckily there are many great applications and tools that allow you to create a visually stunning blog.

WordPress is one free blogging platform that provides tons of cool designs and templates that bloggers can use to make their blog one-of-a-kind and eye-catching.

8. Make Use of Twitter

Twitter can be a great place to advertise your blog and attract readers, which is why bloggers should make use of this great social media resource.

Twitterfeed is an application that automatically posts any new blog entries to your Twitter account, which allows your followers to see what your blog has to offer without visiting your actual blog.

This is a great way to add traffic and boost your blog’s popularity.

9. Use Your Blog to Gain Followers

Just as Twitter can bring added traffic to your blog, your blog can also help you gain followers on Twitter.

A program known as TwitterButtons allows you to place eye-catching buttons on your blog which direct readers to your Twitter account.

All they have to do is click on the button and they will be able to follow you on Twitter.

10. Use an Efficient File-Transfer Program

Most bloggers would agree that in order to have a successful blog, there needs to be a good program in place for transferring files, updates, themes, and plugins from websites.

FileZilla is a free FTP client that is supported by many operating systems and makes transferring all of these things to your computer a relatively simple process.

All of these tech tips make it easier for bloggers to create and operate highly-effective blogs.

They provide simple suggestions that address many of the common tasks and issues that go along with blogging.

Once you have a general understanding of the world of blogging, you should have no trouble maintaining a great blog that readers will enjoy.

This article is written by Karen Schweitzer and is supported by internet providers from Internetserviceproviders.org.

Karen S
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    “Add interesting photos”

    And the whole ten tips contain just one photo? Someone is not following its own advice here.
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  2. The topic name doesn’t suits to the content, after reading the title I believed that you are going to tell about some geeky technical stuff but, these tips were quiet nice and easy to understand.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
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