Xperia S New Generation Smartphone from Sony with Super Unique Design

Sony Xperia SSony recently announced their new generation smart phone, Sony Xperia S at the CEO show, which is already in great demand because of its unique, stylized design and an impressive stipulation.

The model of the phone is due to be launched next month, in February 2012.

Xperia S will be a major release from the Sony Company and a lot of expectations are bound with this unique phone itself.

Both the manufacturers and the consumers are already keeping their eyes out for the phone.

Let’s take a look below to know a little about some of the basic specifications of the new Sony Xperia S and see what this phone has in store.

Some Sony Xperia S Features

– The Sony Company has kept its tradition and avoided a dual core processor for their range of new generation smart phones as well.

Unlike the many Smartphone models available in the market already, the Sony Xperia S does not have a dual core processor and instead focuses on a single processor chip that is packed with enough power and is all set to give out great competition to the other dual processor smart phones in the market.

– Sony Xperia S has a 1.5 GHz processor that is bound to help its user to carry out all their daily tasks with amazing speed and accuracy.

This speed of the processor easily supports high definition movies and a lot of heavy games, and makes the phone ideal for the business, entertainment and fun seeking users alike.

– The Sony Xperia S will be known to run on the Gingerbread operating system initially and will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in the first quarter of the year 2012, as promised by the manufacturers.

– Also the phone will contain a 16 GB and 32 GB capacity for users and a 1.6 GB RAM for the processor.

Sony Xperia S specifications

Like all other phones by Sony Ericson, the Xperia S is also known to support a high definition camera and is expected to be top class in the multimedia department.

In fact the camera supported by Xperia S is the most impressive one to be released by the Sony Company ever, beating both the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung and the well hyped about iPhone 4 by Apple.

Both the primary and the secondary front facing camera of the Xperia S are high definition, built using the high optic resolution that Sony always uses on their phones.

The results are great, flawless and unlike other companies which are content to have a low definition front camera. With Xperia S a great result can be expected no matter which camera is being used for the footage.

Price tags for the new Xperia S

Each and every function of the phone is designed keeping the ease and the entertainment level of the user in view.  

However the Sony Company has not yet revealed the price this new amazing phone will be available at in the market, however sources tell prospective buyers to expect something with the range of $500 to $600.

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4 Responses to “Xperia S New Generation Smartphone from Sony with Super Unique Design”

  1. Lets hope the Sony Xperia S can kep up with the iphone popularity. It’s seen as uncool not to have an iPhone.
    ryan@personal loans recently posted..Apply These Tips To Your Buying Plan

  2. Kratos6633 says:

    1. “avoided a dual core processor” It IS a dual core processor… Do some research before posting crap

    2.”This speed of the processor easily supports high definition movies” Processors DOES NOT “support” resolutions… that’s the GPU…

    3. “competition to the other dual processor…” WTF? Dual processor? In a phone? You meant Dual-core, right?

    • Hi Kratos6633

      Thank you for highlighting a mistake, sometimes errors comes in writing, the first objection which you you mention I accept its my writing error,

      but objection-2 and 3 you are questioning the use of Dual Core Chips/Processing Chips in Smart-phones…….I am sorry, but, that makes me a bit confused….

      Let me answer you for point 2 and point 3

      a GPU is a kind of processor – it is a Graphic processing unit, and when in a sentence it is written that a processor supports HD – it may be to point to GPU (since it is so evident that a GPU – IS – definitely linked to Graphics)… even if GPU is called a processor to generally refer to it – it is not wrong because a GPU “IS” without any doubt a processor. GPU is a PROCESSOR by all means! For instance, there is a whole group named “Fruits” but among that group fruits we have different kinds of fruits such as mangoes , apples, bananas etc, whether we call a banana or we call it a fruit, its right both ways …so call it “processor” in conjunction with talking about HD graphics or call it a GPU —- it wont be wrong

      There are two ways in writing anything – either address that thing specifically (irrespective of context) OR address a thing generally and match it within the context –

      When readers read an article, book or any piece of writing – they do take the “Context” into account.

      3. “competition to the other dual processor…” WTF? Dual processor? In a phone? You meant Dual-core, right?

      You can check detailed answer from

      The mobile phones that are more than just “average mobile phones” And are SMART-Phones DO have dual processing units – they may not be a replica of Dual core processing chips used in laptops , but there is a Dual Core Processing Chip in SMaRTPHONES – because smartphones are meant to function like a hybrid — giving users features like a regular cell phone and speed like a laptop unit. To my knowledge a Smartphone is More than any average phone and it is meant to work better therefore Dual Core Processing Units have a reason to be there by all means.

      More reference links about GPU:

      I am accepting my mistake regarding the first objection and i am thankful that you have corrected me and pointed that out. Thank you so much for giving me your valuable feedback.

      • Kratos6633 says:

        I agree, the 3. thing i wrote “2 processor” can also refer to 2 processing units (cores), and not 2 CPUs/chips (like in server PCs)

        But I do not agree with point 2 “Sony Xperia S has a 1.5 GHz processor” then “This speed of the processor easily…” The phone’s GPU is probably NOT clocked at 1.5Ghz so it can mean nothing else than the CPU.

        PS: sry for being a bit rude 🙂
        PS2: sry for my bad english

        PS3: Q1- phone, Q2-ICS (not in Q1 like in the text), It has 1GB of RAM, the price was announced weeks ago (you can even pre-order it from stores)

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