6 Essential Google Search Tips You Can Use In Everyday Life

google search tipsGetting the Most Out of Your Google Search Efforts

Having the right Google search tips at your disposal will always help you get the results that you want more accurately and frequently.

Of course, with any online search, there will generally be plenty of websites that don’t provide what you need.

However, when you don’t know how to search in Google, then you will tend to spend a lot more time fumbling around in the dark, so to speak.

With some of the Google search tips that are provided here, you will cut down on your search time significantly, leaving you more time to work on what is important.

1. Know Your Target

One of the most important Google search tips is to know exactly what you are looking for.

While you may have a basic idea, you need to be as specific as possible before you type anything into that Google search bar.

If you want information on the best types of dog food, then merely entering ‘dog food’ into the search box will return millions of results and a lot of them will likely be nothing more than sites that sell dog food.

However, if what you are interested in is healthy or gluten free dog food, and that you are not looking for providers but more information about it, then you might want to focus on a search such as: benefits of gluten free dog food.

With this kind of search, you will gain a host of information. Knowing your target topic and refining it within your mind will go a long way toward getting the right results.

2. Use Exclusion Words

When you are learning how to search in Google, it’s easy to think about the keywords you enter as all being inclusive.

As a matter of fact, there are two different types of keywords or phrases: inclusive and exclusive. Your inclusive keywords or phrases are those that highlight the main topic. From the previous example, the inclusive keywords would be ‘dog food.’

Then, when you want your search narrowed down, ‘gluten’ would be considered the exclusive word. Why use exclusion words?

With more than two billion web pages operating today, and Google having crawled nearly all of them, there is bound to be way too many potential matches for basic inclusive searches.

By using the exclusion word or phrases, it helps to narrow down the window of your search, offering more pertinent results. The more exclusion phrases that you use, the more precise your results will become.

3. When Looking for General Information

Most of the Internet is loaded with informative pages. Article marketing is a major focus for online businesses that drive customers to their websites.

As a result, when you are seeking information about certain topics, using the word ‘article’ or ‘information,’ you are narrowing your search to the most popular informative article submission sites, which tend to provide a wealth of valuable information on a variety of topics.

For example, ‘gluten free dog food article’ will produce a number of informative pieces about the topic, from benefits to risks, why your dog might benefit from it, and more.

4. Using the Synonym Search Operator

If you want to search for synonyms of your search term than place a tlide sign such as  (~)  in the front of your search key phrase or term.

For example, “Dog ~foods” will find everything related to dog foods including guides, help information.

5. Using the +, – & “ Operators

When you use the + operator, you state that you want to add to the search term. For example Dog+Foods will find everything related to dogs and foods.

In adverse, when you use the – operator, you state that you do not want to include a certain search phrase. Example, Dog -Foods would find everything related to Dogs but not Food.

The parentheses “” operator will force Google to find everything which contains the words in between the parentheses.

For instance, “Dog Foods” will find everything with the words “Dog Foods” in it. It could be articles, blogs, sites or news.

6. Using the OR Operator

Another of the valuable Google search tips would be to use the operator ‘OR’.

When searching for a topic such as Internet Marketing, or Advertising, but they don’t need to be directly connected, type in ‘Internet Marketing OR Advertising. Make sure that the operator is capitalized.

The returns that you will find will include both internet marketing topics as well as advertising.

When you know how to search in Google, and you know the best approaches, you will spend less time visiting the wrong websites and more time getting things accomplished.


There are so many opportunities to find just about anything on the Internet that knowing where to start can often be the biggest challenge.

While Google is still the leading search engine in the world, if you don’t understand the best Google search tips, then you could be spinning your wheels.

With these tips, you’ll maximize your efficiency with Internet searches and if you’re a heavy internet user make sure you use a reliable internet connection such as AT&T Uverse. You can get coupon codes for uverse internet to save. Happy Googling.

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