Top 6 iPhone Apps for Cars

iphone apps for carsTop 6 iPhone Apps for Cars

No matter if you need help traveling or on daily commutes, your iPhone can help you with not only these two tasks but various others. 

Your iPhone can help you with boredom, park and drive and more.

The following are the top six iPhone applications for your car:

1.      MapQuest 4 Mobile

If you need vocal help with navigation, you can spend a fortune for high-end GPS applications.

One that comes to mind is the Navigon, which is on the premium side of pricing.

If you do not want to spend this kind of money, MapQuest 4 Mobile is free and does a superb job.

The program allows you to develop points of interest and nearby places while saving your destinations for future usage.

2.      Maps

The Maps program is built into your iPhone and proves hard to beat. 

It is free and easy to use and it gets the job done competently, and easily. 

Maps gives you walking, driving and public transportation directions.  You can access street, satellite and map views. It is simply easy to use and is pre-installed.

3.      Beat The Traffic

No matter what long-trip you take, you will always discover minimally one accident.

This is the basis for horrendous traffic, and this is where Beat The Traffic application can prove helpful. 

The application scopes out the traffic issues for you while offering the best routes to take in avoiding the horrible congestion and accidents.

This app has saved tons of traveler’s time.

4.      Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy aids in finding the most cost-efficient gas stations according to the criteria you give the program.

The program is capable, and a marvelous way to save money on gas while traveling.

Gas Buddy sorts through our options and rounds them up based on what you have prioritized.

The program will even map out the directions to gas stations for you.

It will cost you $2.99, but it pays for itself with all the money you will save on gas.

5.      Pandora Radio

Let us face it; long trips can prove boring without our favorite music.

If you are tired of your old playlists, this Pandora radio program helps you find new and exciting music basic on music you already like. 

It runs in the background (for iOS 4 users) so it will not interrupt your navigation and it is free to use.  You will however, have to pay for extra features. 

If you are seeking something new to listen to on your long trips or daily commutes, the Pandora Radio application is a great way for a new alternative.

6.      G-Park

Structures and parking lots can prove confusing at times. 

If you ever had to wander around a parking lot or ramp searching for your car, the G-Park application would prove a wonderful purchase.

G-Park does not rely on merely one method to help you remember. 

Firstly, it marks your GPS position. 

Secondly, it takes a picture of the location where you parked in providing a visual.

Thirdly, you can specify the parking locale code and the level, so you can be 100% sure where you left your car.

The application will cost you $.99 and this is a small price to pay to keep your sanity while searching for your car in a parking ramp.

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