10 Must Have Apps for Mac Users

must have apps for mac

must have apps for mac10 Must Have Apps for Mac Users

Mac is powerful and professional, and allows users to fully enjoy the boundaries of computing.

Although Macintosh can be used by everyone familiar to Windows but professionals prefer using Mac because of its wide range of software that allows them to create something creative and imaginative.

Mac users have a different taste and are more inclined towards beauty, art and perfection.

If you also belong to the same clan you should definitely know about these must have apps for mac users:


Window users are familiar with MS Office and as its name suggests, iWork is designed for all your office work.

It works similar to MS Office but it has completely different user interface.

A must have app for mac user supporting all major formats of MS Office and Abode Acrobat’s PDF. However it provides better user experience, dynamic work features and clear presentations.


It is one of the best photos editing software for amateur photographers.

It allows users to create photo libraries, showcase HD movies and do much more. It has face recognition capability, preset themes, full screen and great bunch of features.

Although there are many photo editing software such as Photoshop but Aperature is a must have app for mac that allows users to edit photos like a pro for just $79.99.


Keynote is great software to create presentation and it is incredibility easy to use.

It cost around $19.99 and it comes in 16 languages. It offers full screen, crystal clear slides and it is compatible with Apple iPad.

The company also released its new version, which also runs on Mac OS X Lion.


If you are Apple fan then you probably have heard of Facetime.

It is a video chat software similar to Skype but what makes it a must have app for mac is the ability to chat in crystal clear streaming between Apple products such as iPod, iPad, Mac and iPhone.

It offers full screen video chat, HD streaming, make calls from phonebook and receive calls just like cellphone.

Facetime uses Apple user ID to connect and it cost just $0.99.


It is great software to help you remember things that are important to you.

The best thing about Evernote is that it is also available for Apple devices, and you can transfer notes to these devices wirelessly allowing users to take notes with them.

It not only remembers notes but it also maintains music, video and images on hard drive and can be searched with assigned keywords through Evernote search feature.

It is also available for Windows for $5 per month or $45 per year.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best photos editing software in the market.

In fact it is also widely used by web designers to design interactive websites.

Photoshop is also one of the must have apps for Mac and it is widely used on Macbook by web and graphic designers.


Transmit is one of the best software for Mac to transfer files to number of online servers such as FTP and Amazon S3.

Transmit 4 is now available with faster uploads and better file management features.

Transmit is widely used by professional website designers to upload files from Mac OS.

Safari 5

There are plenty of web browsers in the market but Safari 5 has some features, which are only applicable on Mac.

The new version offers multi touch feature for Macbook on OS X Lion.

It offers full screen browsing, restores web pages on system and web browser restart, improved safety features, download tracker and much more.

Skype for Mac

Skype is definitely one of the best text and video chat software available in the market.

Although, Facetime is also a video chatting software but it is much expensive to use.

Skype is free must have app for Mac that users can also upgrade to premium with $4.49 per month.

ProSoft Drive Genius 3

ProSoft is top selling must have app for Mac that monitors overall health of your hard drive and make suggestions to improve its performance.

It also has its own defragmentation application along with other variety of great features and it cost around $99.95.

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