6 Tips to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

increase laptop battery lifeIn today’s world, there are a large number of people who uses mobile devices for entertainment,work and communication.

The largest share holder in Mobile devices is a Laptop. Most of us have a laptop with us.

What do we want with a laptop, one thing that comes to our mind is the amount of battery life.

Battery life defines your laptop, and depends on the way you use your laptop.

Now, think about increasing your laptop’s life and getting even more out of it. Today, we guide you on how to do it and make the most out of your laptop.

1.Run what you need, close what you don’t:

Always try and run all those softwares or apps that you need to run. Try and close down all the Background applications running on your system.

This can be done from the Task Manager and clicking on the Process tab. Then selecting and ending the process you don’t want.

2. Be gentle with your laptop:

Always be gentle with your laptop, Don’t run games and heavy softwares on your until its designed to do so.

This will hinder with the battery life seriously and decrease it 40% even.

3. Adjust your Screen Brightness:

Keep your screen brightness at optimum level, at which its not to bright, not to dim and just perfect. This way battery life will increase for sure.

3.Disable built-in hardware features you don’t need:

Disable harware features which you don’t need. Like disable wi-fi when you are not using it and bluetooth too.

If you have Hybrid graphic card and shut your Graphic card when you can, because it saves a lot of juice.

4.Maintain operating temeperature:

Always maitain operating temeperature as it might get warm triggering the CPU fans to run at even faster speed therefore increasing power input and decreasing the life.

5. Use earphones or headphones instead of in-built speakers:

Using earphones or headphones instead of external speakers as they use very less power compared to external speakers.

6.When using casually, use power saver mode:

Using power saver ode drastically increases the battery life of any laptop, When you are listening to music, writing stuffs or just surfing the web, use Power saver mode.

You can customize something like turn on the wifi adapter for browsing but still it will suck less juice form your battery.

Yash Vardhan
I am a tech enthusiast who loves to play with Gadgets and Gizmo just to find ways of making them better. I have my own blog named Tech Dweller where i write and post updates on various tech related stuff.
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2 Responses to “6 Tips to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life”

  1. I have problem with my laptop battery decrease very fast, I will get your Advice to save laptop power, Thank you.
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  2. The article is nicely written. The point where you asked to shut the hybrid graphic card or Network card is really working. I never use to care to switch off those. Looking for more from you.

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