Guide to Instant Chat Clients for Serious Chatters

instant chat clientsChat client is an easy to use and fastest way to communicate over long distances free of cost.

You can send large files, text and video chat through chat clients. But there are very few people who actually realize the potential of instant chat clients.

There are numerous chat clients and they have different functionalities, which allow users to choose clients as per their requirements.

The Email Factor

Instant chat clients can be categorized into email and id based logins. Although both offer users to chat but they have different login feature.

For instance Skype requires a separate account to sign-in to chat with friends and people you know. In order to connect with someone you need to have id of other person.

Another thing you might have noticed is that these ids are not email addresses and cannot be used to use to receive or send emails.

However AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are free email services, which can also be used to connect on their chat clients. If you are giving this id to someone then you are also giving your email address as well.

In fact some inboxes are now integrated with chat clients and you do not need to sign-in on chat clients separately, unless you want to voice or video chat.

This may not sound much but people who do business online takes it seriously.

For instance video conferencing is a popular way to video chat to long distances, and it is widely used by businesses of all sizes.

These businesses prefer using id chat clients over email ids because business owners do not need to check inboxes if they are receiving emails from their clients, which can be fatal for business.

All-in-one Clients

Today there are so many chat clients and email service providers, and it is becoming harder to remember logins to chat with people over different chat clients.

To solve this problem there are chat clients that allows you to chat with people on different services from single platform. is a good example, which allows chatting with Yahoo, Hotmail and now even Facebook from single platform. Infact Meebo is now also available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry OS.

Meebo is a web browser based chat client and it works without downloading chat application.

It is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Although Meebo do not offer all the features of individual chat clients but it eliminates the need to install multiple chat clients on the same system.

The new Meebo now also offer users to send files, video chat and even play games. It saves time and it works in tabs format, which can be moved across the browser.

Premium Chat Clients

Seeing the potential of chat clients different companies are upgrading their online chat service to more useful and productive products.

For instance the new Skype 5.5 Beta version is now integrated with Facebook, allowing users to video chat while enjoying the features of Facebook on same chat clients.

Skype also offers PC to cellphone and landline calling feature. Users can also call smartphones through Skype application. So next time you download a chat client, see how you can make it more productive.

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