Top 10 Free Android Applications You Should Know About

top free android applicationsTop 10 Free Android Applications You Should Know About

If you’re looking to boost your productivity and add value to your efficiency and effectiveness using your android phones, you must know about the free top android applications.

These applications will help you become capable of handling all types of work and personal tasks, emails, file management and many more.

Here are top 10 free android applications that will help you stay organized and work smartly.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox’s cool android application will help you to manage files in fully synced folders from desktops and mobile devices.

You can easily access the contents of a dropbox that includes music, movies and many more. You can even upload files on your dropbox account.

2. Camcard Life

This is another top android application that will help you to take the snap of the business cards and import that information to your virtual Rolodex.

This application supports multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese and many more.

3. GDocs

It is a free text editing application that will help you to view, edit and sync the documents stored in the Google documents account. It will also help you to create, send, import and export documents.

4. Spring Pad

One of the brand new applications in the Android market is Springpad.

This application will help you save different data in a virtual notebook. It will also help you in downloading data from other websites and take necessary action on your lists.

5. Slide Screen

If you often struggle with overloaded information on your mobile, then this application can be a great help for you.

Slide screen will help you turn your Android device’s home screen into a display of your information with a meaningful hierarchy.

6. Remember the Milk

This application will help you manage your mobile tasks very smoothly.

In no time it will help you to add and check the tasks, organize your upcoming tasks, get possible alerts when you’re near to your task locations and sync your mobile actions with a web interface.

7. Astride Task

Astride is an application that will help not only formulate your work schedules but also stay focused and increase your productivity.

8. Evernote

This application can also be termed as a half note or half reminder application.

Evernote helps you in saving your ideas, inspirations and your favorite things to the cloud for future use.

It definitely is one of the top 10 free android applications that can be considered as a virtual substitute for a memory that can even help you record the texts, images and audios.

9. Voice Recorder

A voice recorder can be regarded as a useful android application that will help you take down notes, capture ideas and remember songs and recordings in no time. H

Using this free androind application you can send your files as attachments to your Gmail account.

This application will help you to search your recordings with the help of title or dates and set it as your ring tone.

10. Jorte

Jorte is another top free android application that will help you formulate a schedule and build up syncs with Google calendar.

It has three screen widgets that will help you to quickly view your monthly or weekly calendar.

Make the most of your android phone using these top 10 free android applications.

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