12 Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone12 Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

Smartphones are very popular these days and this Christmas you’ve a new way of utilizing it by using apps for Christmas.

We keep downloading apps as per our utility and this Christmas you’ll definitely need some innovative apps.

This article seeks to shed light on some of the great apps for Christmas for the coming holidays.

1. Greeting Cards

This app made for Blackberry phones makes it possible to send customizable greeting cards to your loved ones this Christmas.

The Greeting Cards app also allows you to add pictures, texts and themes to greeting cards that could be shared on Facebook or through email. It costs $3.99.
Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

2. Snowflakes Live Wallpaper

Made for Android phones, Snowflakes Live Wallpaper adds adjustable high definition drifting snowflakes to your phone screen. It is free to use.

Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

3. Droid Gifts

The app for Christmas assists in choosing Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Made to work with Android phones, Droid Gifts app allows for reminders to be set for giving gifts while also displaying what you have collected from others as gifts. It costs just $0.99.

Droid Gifts - Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

4. Christmas Trivia

This game app for Christmas contains multiple-choice questions on Christmas which could be played with family and friends. Christmas Trivia is made for iPhone and costs $0.99.

Christmas Trivia Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

5. Christmas Jokes (Family Edition)

Have a good laugh with your loved ones with this application for iPhone. This edition contains jokes that can be cracked to kids – it is family-oriented.

Christmas Jokes Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

6. Christmas

Costing just $0.99, this app comes loaded with vocal as well as instrumental Christmas Carols.

This app for Christmas has a feature for counting days till Christmas, a sound recorder for recording your own carols, and a sleep timer option, just in case you fall asleep while listening.

The app works on iPhone and costs $0.99.

Christmas Carol Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

7. Menorah Live Wallpaper

This $0.99 app for Christmas allows Android phone users to light the Menorah just by touching the top of the candles on your phone screen.

Menorah Live Wallpaper Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

8. Holiday Advent Calendar

This app for iPads shows a new ornament in a hand-drawn scene, accompanied by animated jingles, each day as Christmas approaches. Holiday Advent Calendar also has 10 different classic Christmas tracks.

Holiday Advent Calendar Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

9. Santa Tracker

Based on your GPS location, this app can display where Santa is via a tracker.

This is especially suitable for families who have kids that are into Santa’s Magic. Letters can also be sent to Santa Claus by kids. This app is made for Blackberry and costs $1.99.

Santa Tracker Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

10. Christmas Cards Tracker

Tracking of sent and received Christmas cards is made easy with this app. Made for iPhone and costing just $0.99, Christmas Cards keeps a database of all sent and received cards.

Christmas Cards Tracker Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

11. Flying Poodle

A Christmas Story – Based on the real dogs that were used for the Iditarod in 1988 to 1991, the app tells the story of the dogs chosen to guide Santa Claus’s sleigh.

This app for Christmas costs $1.99, and the creators will make a donation to a children charity, Smile Train, for each purchase. It works on iPhone, iPads, and iPod Touch.

Flying Poodle Cool Christmas Apps for Your Smartphone

12. Christmas List

This app costing just $0.99 serve as some sort of organizer for your Christmas shopping.

Christmas List imports names from the contact list on your phone and helps in assigning present to each person along with fixing a budget amount for each present.

It also displays a badge icon to keep track of presents left to buy without even opening the app.

This app for Christmas works for iPhone, and is especially suitable for those who usually have problems with Christmas gifts presentation every year.

Apple iPhone Displayschutzfolie

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  1. enrica says:

    The Holiday season is here and it’s also time to send Christmas Cards to family and friends so..customize your photos with original Christmas icons!

    Christmas e-cards is now available on AppStore!


  2. giannis says:

    You can also try out a new app called “Christmas Carols Karaoke”, featuring 15 classic Christmas Carols and songs with full lyrics and melodies.


  3. Craig says:

    I can also recommend this Christmas craft app. It has loads of things for your little ones to make. My two children loved it.



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