15 Tips and Tricks of How to Use an iPad

ipad tips and tricks of how to use an ipadApple iPad is the most popular tablet in the market and you can do plenty of things with it.

But for an iPad owner it is good to be familiar with these very useful tips and tricks of how to use an iPad.

Creating Folders

It is good to manage files in folders as it keeps system clean and makes it easy to find files.

Simply click on the app icon for few seconds until it starts to shake, then drag it over another app icon. The iPad will create new folder with both apps inside.

Hide Battery Charge Status

If you feel battery charge status distracting during work then it is good to hide it. Go to Settings > General > Usage and you can hide it from there.

Mute Volume

The new iOS 4.3 allow users to mute their sound instantly. Simply hold down the volume button for few seconds and iPad will mute the sound. The old iOS version does not have mute sound feature.

Replace Word

You can also replace a word while typing. Simply hold down the word and choose Select, Replace and iPad will suggestion, type your word and it will be replaced.

Typing on Caps

Users can choose upper case by tapping on either left or right shift key then on the word and the first letter of the word will be in upper case.

But to write all in upper case, double tap either shift keys and cap lock will be activated.

Restrict Search in iPad

If you want to restrict your iPad search feature then you can turn on Spotlight Search feature.

Go to Setting > General > Spotlight Search and you can customize your setting here. It allows iPad owners to restrict other users to search everything.

Print Screen iPad

Similar to PC you can also take snapshot of iPad’s home screen by tapping on Home and then clicking Wake/Sleep button and you will hear a snapshot sound.

The photos will be saved in photo gallery and you can use it as you like.

Backup your iPad

To backup your iPad connect it to iTunes and right-click on iPad inDevices list then select Backup and iTunes will create backup of all your data.

Changing Preview of Emails

When you view list of emails and you see two lines. You can change settings to view more lines from Setting and tap on Mail, Contact, Calendar and make changes as you like.

Find Word

Users can search for word while browsing by typing the word on Search field in Safari, and click on On This Page from the list.

Open Link in New Window

The Apple Safari on iPad also offers users to open links in window. To do this tap and hold the link until a small list opens, choose Open in New Page.

Put Quotation Mark

The easiest way to put quotation mark is by tapping and holding the question mark key until quotation sign appears.

View Bookmark Bar

If you are a big fan of bookmarks then it is good to have its bar at top while you surf internet. Look for Settings then tap on Safari and choose Always Show Bookmarks Bar.

Jump To Top

Users can jump to the top of the page in Safari by tapping the title window top.

Put Full Stop

It is much easier to put full stop at the end of the sentence by double tapping the space bar key.

Use this important tips and tricks of how to use an ipad to get a better experience of this device.

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