iPhone 4S and iCloud – The Ultimate Smartphone Music Combo

Now that apple store is directly selling their unlocked phones one their website, we’ve another reason to buy them.

The original iPhone was a natural progression from the iPod Touch – the mp3 player that completely transformed the way people listened to music.

While services like Napster and Bittorrent existed before this, they were largely underground and illegal.

Apple’s iTunes and iPod series made internet music legal and accessible for everyone.

Because of this the iPhone has always been one of the best smartphones for listening to music.

Features such as the album cover flow have made listening to music on a phone an extremely enjoyable experience on the iPhone and its music features have always been one of the most attractive features responsible for its high level of sales.

The new iPhone 4S retains all of the excellent music features that were found on earlier iPhones, but now adds much more into the mix to make this the ultimate music smartphone of all time.

Firstly, with iOS 5 comes the new iCloud support.

This is used in a variety of ways, which includes allowing you to upload documents and media to the cloud so that they can be shared across all of your iOS devices.

While this may be that novel you are writing in it could also be something as simple as a web page, which when bookmarked on your iPhone will automatically appear back at home on your iPad.

But iCloud also has excellent uses when it comes to music as well. One of the biggest drawbacks of modern smartphones when it comes to music is their limited storage space.

While 16GB or 32GB might be an impressive amount of storage for such a small device for many people it is nowhere near enough room to store their entire music collection.

The solution? Store your music in the cloud instead.

That way you can access your music collection from any of your devices while at the same time not consuming storage space on any of them – leaving this free for other files and documents.

Because most cloud services, iCloud included, grant you a certain amount of storage space in the cloud this could potentially pose the same problem of limited space when it comes to music.

An iCloud account will provide you with a lot more space than you would find on a smartphone, even a 64GB iPhone 4S, but for many people this is still nowhere near enough.

The ingenious thing that Apple have done with iCloud is to take inspiration from internet music streaming services like Spotify.

Now you simply need to upload a list of TrackIDs for music that you own, and your iPhone can play this music stored on Apple servers.

Because of this you can have access to your entire music collection anywhere and from any iOS device without having to consume your iCloud storage space.

Of course there are similar services available on most smartphones, with Spotify apps being available from app stores.

But if you don’t have a Spotify premium account you will have to listen to annoying adverts every couple of songs. iCloud allows you to listen to your music completely ad free.

There are some other music phones, such as the Sensation XE and Sensation XL from HTC, that come with excellent Beats Audio music features including extra bass and high quality headphones.

But when it comes to music storage and music playback – and having a complete music collection on your smartphone – there really is no competition to the 4S with iCloud.

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