Innovations in Web Design

innovations in web designWhen publishing pages on the internet, you are releasing content that has the possibility of being seen by nearly every member of the human race. So is everyone else.

The Internet is the first media market where literally anybody can consume AND produce content.

Emphasis on web design is obviously critical, and in an attempt to stand out, innumerable web designers and web page creators are striving to innovate in ways that will make their pages stand out.

The emerging market of search engine optimization is the science of getting people to your website, but web design is the art of keeping them there, and requires interesting content, and most importantly, innovative, functional, and interesting design.

Because of the diversity of the market, there is no shortage of new and creative design ideas, but really successful designs are few and far between.

In many ways, the biggest problem is the complexity. Web 2.0 introduced a whole suite of tools that allowed designers much greater control over their pages.

In collaboration with each pages web host, designers have access to a variety of tools and measurements to increase the success of their page.

They have taken full advantage, too, creating nearly every possible layout around, with flash animations and avaScript to interact with visitors, and various scripts to complete complicated tasks.

Still, the most successful websites are those that keep more simple designs. Google, perhaps the most visited page in the world, is a great example of this.

It won over its competitors by keeping it simple and has continued that philosophy as they delve into the complex world of web 2.0. "Simple" and "boring" do not have to be synonymous, of course, despite the fact that many designers have deviated from the principle of simplicity, cluttering their pages with distracting features.

In many ways, complexity is the low hanging fruit of web page design, making it easy for designers to make their pages interesting at the expense of usability and aesthetic appeal.

Just by perusing various pages on the net, it's easy to see that the most effective pages are those that use a simple, innovative design that is, in all honesty, really hard to do.

This, at the end of the day, is what is going to separate good web design from great web design, the ability to innovate through simplicity in a world where complexity is all too tempting.

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