5 Effectual Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs for Developing Mobile Apps

In the recent years, Smartphones and web-enabled services have turned into a necessity and are no more a luxury for any business or individual willing to progress everyday.

In this trendy world, the need and growth of mobile applications have become explosive. The development of mobile applications is not as simple as it may sound.

Everyday, thousands of new applications are introduced in the Smartphone market and the competition is growing higher than the highest peaks in the world.

In this increasingly app-friendly world, many new development entities emerge day by day to prove themselves successful with their awe-inspiring apps.

A recent research study illustrated that the World Mobile Phone Market has grown by 20% in Q1 2011, assisted by the rise of the Smartphones market.

Not all apps introduced in the market succeed. App development is a challenging task that requires systematic planning, effective app review, powerful marketing and much more.

Developing mobile phone applications are indeed expensive and to earn the required returns, you should plan well before developing your mobile apps. Here are 5 effectual tips for small businesses to enhance their mobile potential.

Hold a purpose and serve it

Ensure that your apps is created to solve a problem and to serve a niche. Being empathic will help you better in creating a winning app. Place yourselves in the customer’s position and analyze the needs of a customer.

What will they need and prefer from such an app, whether it is productivity driven, information based or fun favored apps.

Reward the customers with special discounts, coupons, preview option before signing up and other such options. Only a satisfied and happy customer will reward you with their incredible presence.

Simplicity wins always

Simplicity is the ultimate key to success. Users are always driven by simple and trustworthy apps for their business and other personal reasons.

Thinking that a mobile app presented with innumerable features and advanced options will increase the number of downloads is like expecting rain from a clear sky.

All you need to do is to provide a best-in-class app with ease of use and better user experience. Such dead-simple apps will win the customer’s heart and encourage them to share it with their friends.

User-friendly apps

User-friendly apps will guide the customer in the right path and facilitate the success of your apps quickly. Any app created with the customer in mind will reach it goals faster than the other apps.

Give the extraordinary power to your customers to use your apps and get connected to your business within few clicks or taps. Respect the value of customers and their time as well.

Commplicated commands and lengthy process will depart your customer from your apps.

Allow your customers to review your app and know its working before being asked to sign up. This will boost their confidence and stimulate their attention towards your app.

Social media in-built apps

You can always build a real-time interaction in your app by including social media streams like Twitter or Facebook. This will promote building a real and healthy community in the midst of your fan groups.

You are giving them an opportunity to meet each other virtually and share about your apps and your brand.

Fast launching apps with special promotions

Design your apps in such a way that it does not take more than 20 seconds to load and to get launched.

Time is very important and a time saving app is a sure shot one to win at ease.

You can also delight your customers who use the apps well and often with special promotions, which will help in enhancing brand loyalty and your returns.

Creating a world class winning app is not a magic performed overnight. Instead you need to transform the magical power through your apps with these useful tips.

Alfred Winston
This is a guest article from Alfred Winston who writes for Dot Com Infoway, a mobile application development company, offers mobile/PDA application solutions that help organizations to design and build custom mobile applications. He has contributed many technology articles around the web.
If you wish to write for techchai, you can get in touch using the write for us form above.

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