Amazon Turns up the Heat with Kindle Fire

amazon kindleThe Kindle Fire, which is basically a “juiced” up version of Amazon’s original and highly successful e-ink reader the Kindle, is the company’s first attempt to immerse into the tablet world—an industry that, aside from its many descendants, is still currently ruled by the Apple iPad.  

But with Amazon’s brand-power and Fire’s attractive price—it’s offered at $199 compared to $499—experts say the new tablet may just be hot enough to make Apple sweat.

The full-color, 7-inch IPS multi-touch display tablet has a dual-core processor and functions with Amazon’s cloud-accelerated web browser, Silk.

Although it looks and feels extremely similar to other higher quality tablets and can download apps and videogames, it’s a much stripped-down version of its predecessors, which is what greatly contributes to its low price—it doesn’t have a camera, a microphone, nor a USB port, and it’s does not have Bluetooth, GPS or 3G wireless access.

It also only holds about 8 gigabytes of internal storage space, which is roughly enough space for 80 apps with the addition of 6,000 books, 800 songs, or 10 movies.

That said, in terms of functionality it seems as though it was initially more or less designed to compete with the Nook Color tablet, a byproduct of Barnes and Nobles.

But what makes the Kindle Fire a force to be reckoned with however is that it’s perfect for those who use tablets and the iPad for their minimalist features, such as watching movies, reading books and briefly surfing the web on the go. 

And since according to statistics a majority of Americans only use tablets for its minimalist features anyway, Amazon’s $199 tablet may just be the price tag to get consumers to cross on over to the “jungle.”

Not to mention that Amazon is also offering a sweet bundle deal to consumers that may lead to the downfall of Netflix, which is already seeing lower subscribers due to its recent price hike. How so? Consumers who order the Fire Kindle will also receive a one month free subscription to Amazon Prime— service that offers instant commercial-free streaming of more than 11,000 movies and TV shows.

It also offers free 2-day shipping and handling of newer movies. After the trail-subscription expires, Fire owners can sign up for Prime for a $79 annual fee. Netflix, on the other hand, offers a $96 annual subscription fee and does not offer free shipping and handling.

The Kindle Fire will hit shelves on November 15. Consumers may preorder the device now.  

To check out a short 31 second commercial of the new Kindle Fire, click here or you can also have a look at a short demo below:

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