An Introduction to Software Product Engineering

software productSoftware Product Engineering is a process that involves designing and developing software that can be manufactured in order to sale the item.

It deals with the issues like cost, quality, reliability, ability, performance and user friendly. The characteristics are generally followed to bring a quality output.

Accurate engineering can ultimately make an attractive product that will fulfill the desire of the client. Design, development and maintaining the software should be the priority while manufacturing software.

There are certain benefits of Software Product Engineering:

  • Low cost is the main advantage as the success of the product depends on the development cost and launching of the product at a perfect time. It has been estimated that 40% of the cost goes in planning, 40% into testing and the remaining 20% in coding.
  • While designing software project it can often carry hidden costs and to reduce the problem the code is made modular once the project is completed. It has the flexibility that a part of the program can be easily replaced on the later phase.
  • It is quite obvious that to solve a problem is really complex. It requires hard work and increases the cost while solving the problem. In this stage reliability plays an important role where the quality can be improved.

Before delivering the product engineering services the task involves:

  • Understanding the market requirements and translating it into a product.
  • Analyzing the system requirement.
  • Software requirement development.
  • Software designing.
  • Implementing software code.
  • Software component integration.

The most critical factor is to perform the task with consistency with a well defined engineering process that combines all the activities involved in software engineering to produce accurate and quality software products more efficiently.

Recently, HP has announced that they found a brighter future for webOS platform when the team has been dedicatedly placed into the Office of Strategy and Technology.

Half of the business has been acquired from Palm but the hardware element will continue to be with Personal Systems Group.

Todd Bradley, PSG chief said “Reorganizing the webOS software teams under OS&T allows us to fully investigate how we can utilize the webOS platform. The pan-HP charter of OS&T provides a broad view of how we can optimize our technologies.”

Innovation and risk intake is the only way through which a product can be developed. Engineers do extensive research before developing software product so that they can deliver quality product.

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