5 Must Have Chrome Applications for Increased Productivity

chrome-appsGoogle’s Chrome browser has supplanted Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the default browser for many users: it’s easy to use, there are fewer bugs and—let’s face it—it’s prettier.

Part of Chrome’s allure includes their web apps and plug-ins that can make your Internet experience run more smoothly. Apps aren’t just for mobile phones anymore: web apps are becoming one of the best ways to find gadgets to improve productivity.

And, instead of opening half a dozen programs on your computer, you can open your web apps and keep track of everything in one place.

They’re not for everyone, but web apps can be a lifesaver for people who have crowded desktops. Below are five must have Chrome apps that can make your day easier and more productive.

5 Must Have Chrome Applications for Increased Productivity

1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most comprehensive productivity apps available. You can store notes, lists, projects, even images and audio in various Evernote folders.

You can also access that info from anywhere: the mobile app has virtually the same usability as the web and desktop versions, and syncs automatically. Available for mobile phones, this app allows you to make notes, lists, take web clippings and more.

This app is free, and a premium version is five dollars a month. The free version does just about everything you can think of, but the paid app is sure to be worth the price.

2. StayFocusd

Sometimes, you just need someone or something to force you to concentrate on work. StayFocusd does just that. You can set the app to block your “time-waster” sites after a set amount of time. Want to give yourself 20 minutes of web surfing time?

This is a rather extreme option, but it’s certainly effective. This app is free, but donations can be made at the StayFocusd website.

3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck, recently acquired by Twitter, just might be the best Twitter app ever. Here’s why: aside from allowing you to manage several Twitter accounts, it also lets you block users, words and phrases from your stream; you can schedule tweets in advance, and you can control the speed of your timeline.

And now, it’s available for Chrome, which means you can keep an eye on your Twitter timeline without opening another program on your computer. TweetDeck, like Twitter, is free.

4. Read Later Fast

Even when you’ve got time to surf the web, the sheer volume of and blog posts can be overwhelming. For folks who use Chrome as a way to read a dozen blogs or websites at once, Read Later Fastcan save you from multiple tab syndrome.

If you’re doing research for school or for work, you may find a valuable site but lose it in the shuffle of multiple tabs.

Read Later Fast allows you to right-click on a page and save it for later, so you can close all those tabs and get back to work…or whatever you’re doing right now. This app is free.

5. Dropbox

Cloud computing is becoming more popular, and services like Dropbox are getting more traffic. Dropbox lets you access, store and transfer files from your Chrome browser or Android smartphone. The app—and the service—are free, but you can pay extra for more cloud space.

Dropbox is great for students who want to access their papers and other work or for business people on the go.

Use these web apps to keep you on track, but be careful not to collect too many—having an abundance of “productivity” apps might have the opposite effect on your workload.

Thanks to Chrome, your web browser can be used for more than just accessing the Internet. These apps are proof that you can be on the web and still be productive.

Jesse Langley
Jesse Langley lives in Austin where he works and enjoys the live music capital of world. He enjoys sports, social media and blogging. He writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University.
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