How to Choose a Web Host Without Getting Scammed

How to choose a web host without getting scammed?

A key element critical to your success on the internet is your web host. If your web host is good, you will be able to focus on promotion and development of your site.

And, if your site is down, it will simply result in a lack of income. So the question arises: How to choose a web host from thousands of web hosts on the Internet.

In the following section you’ll learn 6 general rules of how to choose a web host that will save you from many hassles:

Rule # 1: No confinement

We strongly recommend that you avoid paying anything more than a month in advance and if you are required to do so, do not exceed 6 to 12 months.

Surely you will pay a little more by paying monthly but if the services deteriorate, you will be free to change hosting companies without serious financial consequences. In case you’re satisfied, you can always renew your contract for a long time.

Rule # 2: Know the limitations

You should be clear about all the restrictions imposed by the hosting company before you commit. Surprises are particularly unpleasant when you make advance payments. Ask them the size limit of the database, the limit of file size, if there is a daily limit bandwidth consumption, and any unauthorized individual script.

Keep in mind that almost all hosts forbid intensive scripts server scripts such as Cat on a shared infrastructure. Feel concerned when they do not like the usual scripts like vBulletin, PhotoPost, and others that you may want use.

Rule # 3: Be familiar with the contract

Please read the terms of the contract for service and policy before you commit to your host. Do not read it diagonally and consider a mere formality.

Rule # 4: Clarify the price

Make sure to always put the prices of various accessories to clear before registering.

Ask if they will charge you the cost of installation if you cancel the contract within 15 days, the cost of excess space and bandwidth, the cost of raising your account or require additional costs for administration and customer support. Be vigilant.

Rule # 5: Customer Service

Always contact the support section of your provider by email and by phone if possible. Try to assess the level of professionalism and support provided when you ask your host.

Rule # 6: Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to do a little research online about your web host. Searching about your host’s web hosting review is particularly useful to learn about the kind experiences others have had from your desired web host.

Also, if you are a new customer you can save a good lot of money by using hosting coupons.

So now onwards whenever you’re confused of how to choose a web host just recall these rules and you’ll never get scammed.

Saurabh Dutta
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