How Walking Could Power Your Cell Phone: Technology Integrated in Footwear!

How can walking power cell phonesWe are always struggling with are improving smartphones and their decreasing battery life. On one hand the smartphone have become a necessity of your life.

Whether you are a businessman a teenager an old pensioner, all that plugging and charging eventually ends up discharging our energy levels for the day.

So either carry a charger with you at all times or just walk. The suggestion to take a walk is not some self mantra to help you clear your thoughts- which walk actually does.

But the fact of the matter is your walk can actually generate enough power to charge your phone. Did you know that every time you almost 10 watts of power is lost every time we take a step.

A pair of scientist has finally come up with a solution to store this energy that too through your shoe. According to the report published by them in nature communications, they have developed an in shoe technology that could produce up to 10 watts of power per footstep.

Their main principle behind power generation is a technique called electro wetting. It consists of liquid droplet that acts as a conductor, which in turn is placed on an electrode.

Every time there is an electric charge the conductor changes shape. For the purpose of coating the electrode- a dialectic substance is used. A dialectic substance has dual properties; in this case it acts as an insulator as well as a polarizing agent.

On charging up the dialectic the droplets easily deforms while simultaneously wetting the surface. The real breakthrough was when the duo came up with the idea of running this process in backward order.

Here the power is generated by capitalizing on the changing physical form of liquid drops among the dielectric and coated plates. The duo has started their own company called Instep Nano Power to commercialize their invention.

But the final prototype would still take some years before it hits the market. They are in talks with many potential buyers.

One of the most practical users will be military personnel who are in constant need of battery back-up while functioning.

Another team of researcher from the University of Wisconsin has also developed a similar device that can charge your phone batteries from the power generated from your foot wear. With this new device you can just plug in your phone and take a walk.

The device is still underdevelopment under the company name of ‘Nanopower’. With such a technology around the potential is simply limitless. Scientists are also working on devices that would be eventually able to power bigger batteries.

This would not only serve as a huge initiative in the direction of saving electricity, but is also an Eco friendly way of creating power.

amanda kidd
About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is very fond of gadgets. She enjoys hacking from software modification point of view. She is always into buying new gadgets upcoming in the market and currently planning to buy an portable workstation.
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