Watch Out MySpace, Music Streaming Coming to Facebook

music on facebookMusic Streaming Coming to Facebook. As if you didn’t already spend enough time on Facebook, soon you may have one more reason to stay permanently connected. Facebook, it appears, is gearing up to launch its own music service.

It seems the ever-expanding website really is taking over the world.

The release date is rumored to coincide with the f8 Conference, which is the Facebook developer seminar that is taking place on September 22.

The move would catapult Facebook to a whole different level, though right now it’s hard to imagine Facebook being any bigger than it already is considering how solidly we’ve managed to integrate the social networking site into our daily (all right, hourly) lives.

Companies like Spotify, MOG, and Rhapsody will be partnering up with Facebook to create the online music presence, allowing users to sync their music accounts with their Facebook accounts.

The ability to listen to music through your Facebook page will no doubt give even more reason for people to stay logged into the social networking site.

“We think that music is a very social experience and we are always looking at ways to enhance that experience,” Rhapsody spokeswoman Jamie Steele said.

Considering that music is really the only thing MySpace had going for it over Facebook, it’s a pretty safe bet that the once popular social media site will be on the outs if and when Facebook does release a music app.

On the other hand, Facebook has made no official announcement yet as to whether the launch is a done deal or not.

“There’s nothing new to announce. Many of the most popular music services around the world are integrated with Facebook, and we’re constantly talking to our partners about ways to improve these integrations,” the company elusively said in a statement.

But let’s be honest, since we are becoming more and more obsessed with knowing everything about everyone, why wouldn’t we be thrilled to know which songs and bands are friends are listening to, or to leave our Facebook page open all day spouting off our favourite tunes?

With the help of Facebook, we’ve made it clear that it’s imperative that we be involved with all aspects of our friends (and even just our acquaintances) lives. Not to mention with the ability to stream music through Facebook, the social media conglomerate really is becoming a one stop shop.

Now all we need is the ability to watch movies and TV through the site. Hmmm…

Laura Backes
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