iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Classic Battle Waiting to Unfold

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy TabIt is interesting to see that everyone around is trying to invade the territory which has long been dominated by Apple.

Numerous attempts have been made but none of them manage to challenge the authority of Apple except one – yes, the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab.

At the very first look, you may be deceived by its harmless and sleek appearance but as we all know appearance can be deceptive and this is quite true with Samsung.

Take your time and you will come to term with the fact that Samsung Galaxy is basically or as it appears to be another stretched-out version of its successful predecessor – Galaxy S Android phone but it minus the calling facilities.

However, notwithstanding this shortcoming, which is really short, it has made people at Apple take notice and they have already sprung into actions. Now, before we start fiddling with data, let us explore the similarities and dissimilarities between these two wonder gadgets.

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Ask yourself what make iPad so popular among masses. The answer is that it is meant to be popular. It has got bigger and brighter screen, intuitive interface and a large surface area which is best for having great time watching movie or playing games.

Samsung Galaxy tab on the other hand has a smaller screen. But it still scores high in other fronts. Since it is small, it is easier to carry and it weighs less and that means, you can have fun while on the move.

It is more compact and tighter than iPad. So double benefits at your disposal. Galaxy looks sharp and its picture quality is a tad bit better than its arch rival, courtesy its high resolution.

If you are in the habit of looking at the battery level while working or listening your favorite tracks, Samsung galaxy tab is not your thing. Though the company flaunts of offering 13 hours battery backups, independent studies say just the opposite. However, when it comes to battery backup, iPad is not good either but at least; it does not have such pathetic record. So, both the devices need to work hard to show improvement in the battery backup front.

Apple with its 4:3 aspect ratio is definitely not the ideal option to watch widescreen movie. Apple has been lambasted for this for long but it seems it is in no mood to change its stance or aspect ratio any time soon.

However, Samsung is making the most of its small screen. Unlike Apple, which is finding hard to utilize its large screen, Samsung tablet has made a smart move by reducing dead screen to a minimum.

Video conferencing is an area where Samsung tab beats iPad hands down. It has got two different cameras facing you and there is the Qik app to let you explore the amazing world of video communication.

However, iPad has got FaceTime to rival Qik app but the quality is not that impressive.

As like any other Apple products, iPad does not offer any support for flash. Galaxy Tab does not have any such issue but its browsing features are not that smooth.

You get struck while scrolling and the fun of browsing is somewhere goes missing in it. With Apple, you will have not to face these problems.

Pages loads fast in it and there is some kind of smoothness in the overall appearance. So, both the devices have their shares of shortcomings and advantages.

It is really a close call and difficult when it comes to Sumsung galaxy tab vs. ipad and now up to you whom you embrace and accept as your tech partner.

Hope, you will find the perfect match. Keep up posted, we will be more than happy to get your response.

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2 Responses to “iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Classic Battle Waiting to Unfold”

  1. Personally, I hate iPad. It is bulky and I feel clumsy when i had to do some real work on it. It is good for entertainment but if you want to have a combination of work and entertainment, you should be better off with galaxy.
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  2. chatroulette says:

    iPad 2 has no Flash, that’s a pity. Consider that most video players (movies, video chats, chatroulette, etc) need Flash Player. Samsung wins …

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