How to Prevent Your Site from being penalized by Google

google site bannedGoogle is currently the biggest search engine in the world and the number one website in the entire world.

The reality is that the success of so many of us depends today on how Google treats us. Some of us have affiliate sites that depend solely on traffic from Google, some of us get over 80 percent of traffic to our blogs from Google and some of us run ecommerce websites that depends solely on traffic from Google to make the sales.

In fact, my blog about nutrisystem and medifast gets thousands of visitors from Google every month so I can only imagine how much I will be affected if all that traffic should stop.

I have been doing a lot of research lately based on feedback I’m getting from my readers and this article will be giving you a few tips to prevent your website from being penalized by Google.

Beware of Duplicate Content

One very important thing that is leading to a lot of websites being penalized by Google is having duplicate content on a website.

Google believes that its user is the number one thing it should care about and it can be very dangerous to have a lot of websites display the same results so Google has been making a lot of changes to prevent websites with duplicate content from ranking.

If you don’t want to be penalized by Google make sure you don’t leave a room for duplicate content on your website. Also make sure you use the right theme and not a theme that has a lot of the same content on every pages – the more unique Google find your content to be the less likely it is going to be penalized.

Be Careful with Who You Link To

Another thing you need to realize is that since a large percentage of the search engine results on Google are based on the amount and quality of links to the website that is ranked Google is doing everything possible to prevent its system from being gamed.

Google knows that you can’t control the people who link to you but you can control the people that you link to so it is always giving links in websites a thorough check.

It is very important to avoid linking to any website that is violating the Google terms of services to avoid any red flag.

Try to be as Ethical as Possible

The final tip here is that you should try to be as ethical as possible.

One thing about Google is that it is always a friend of those who are ethical so if you are doing your best to help people in a great way you won’t have any problems with Google.

Google is always making changes and revealing new terms of services, but the one thing about its changes is that it is always favoring those who are ethical. Make sure you read all the Google terms of services and that you try to be ethical at everything you do online and it will be difficult for Google to penalize you.

John Smith
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