How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

increase laptop battery lifeDo you know that there are billions of computer users in the world today and a very large percentage of them use a laptop? In fact, in a few decades from now almost every home will have a laptop computer.

There are many advantages to using a computer and our reasons for using it differs.

While some people are using it because they want to impress their friends so as to make it look like they’re current a lot of people use it because of its portability.

One reason I know so many people use a laptop is because of the backup – we have a lot of laptops with average battery life of 3-4 hours and there are now laptops with up to 10 hours backup.

The question now is how do you increase your laptop battery life?

The article will be giving you a few tips to help you extend your laptop battery life.

Optimize the Power Options

You might be expecting me to tell you to go and install one cool software or to go and buy one external gadget, but the reality is that your laptop already has enough to make it last even longer than it currently is.

All you need to do is optimize your laptop battery and select the right options. For example, with my HP laptop there is the “Balanced Power Option” and the “Power Saver Option”.

The balanced mode is the main option while the power saver mode will disable some system components in order to ensure I get more from my laptop.

This options vary depending on your laptop, and you can easily do it manually by disabling some components like your CD, by not making use of any external device and by dimming your computer brightness – this alone will help you increase your laptop battery by at least 10% and it will also ensure it last longer than the average laptop battery.

Don’t run a lot of Applications at the Same Time

The next step you should take is to ensure that you’re careful with how many applications you install and run on your computer at the same time.

If I were to ask, how many laptop applications do you run on your computer at the same time? How many programs do you use at the same time? How many of these programs are really necessary?

Try to ensure you avoid using your laptop for multitasking while at the same time cutting down the average number of applications you use in a day and you’ll be surprised to see a significant increase in your battery life.

Upgrade Your Computer Memory

How a computer functions depends on several components of the computer. The most important component that influences the work of a computer however is its memory (RAM).

A great way to save your laptop battery life is by ensuring it is able to perform a lot of operations in a short period of time and the only way to do this is by upgrading its memory.

Upgrading your laptop memory will also make it easy for you to play high graphic games, use a lot of applications and do a lot of things without your laptop being affected.

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  1. Mathan Kumar says:

    I agree with you. Selecting the “Balanced power” options will increase the battery life dramatically.

    And also De-charging the battery when the battery is completely full will also helps for this
    Mathan Kumar recently posted..Laptop Service Centers in Chennai

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