Google+: Why It’s Here to Stay

google plusWith its introduction just over a month ago, Google+ is the newest social media experience with the most potential available on the web.

The site grew rapidly since its launch, reaching 25 million members in just one month. Improved features and a sleek, streamlined look sets up Google+ for success now and into the future.

The best and one of the easiest features on Google+ is the new way of organizing your “friends” or “followers.” Instead of a long list of people created manually or set up by network, Google+ lets you customize when you add a contact into specific categories.

The default settings for Circles, as it is called, has one for family, friends, acquaintances and following, set aside for people such as celebrities. Circles allow for easy organization of your contacts; plus you can create new circles based on your interests or specific friend groups.

Finding people starts with your Gmail contacts and continues through a suggested list of people you may know. Another positive is that people can add you but you don’t have to add them and vice versa, similar to that of Twitter. Both individuals aren’t required to be connected like Facebook.

google plus circles

Google+’s privacy settings enable you to post to people only in certain Circles, meaning you can share photos and information with only the people you want to with ease.

The design of Google+ is another facet that will draw people to the site. The look is clean and simple, without too many unnecessary features or sidebars full of applications and information filling up your browser.

You can filter out your stream to only view specific Circles on the left sidebar, add people on the right side and start a hangout to video chat with others. There are no groups, birthdays, events or friend finder cluttering up an already overfilled home page.

With the Google toolbar and tabs for Circles, photos, profile, the home page and search engine at the top, it is simple and easy to navigate through the site. The stream is in real-time like Twitter for news and updates on the go. For users who like less clutter and not a plethora of options, Google+ will surely win you over.

Sharing and posting pictures is much simpler compared to Facebook and Twitter. Photo editing is done through Picasa, which is the photo software for Google+. Instead of outsourcing to other services to post pictures on Twitter or having to edit and then upload images on Facebook, all the work can be done through Google+.

Transferring pictures from Facebook can be done with the “Move your Photos” Chrome extension, so there is no fear in losing any pictures if you want to start fresh with Google+.

One feature presented on Facebook that Google+ decided not to embrace is Ads. Many Facebook users were upset the day that ads began appearing on Facebook. What made it more frustrating was many of the targeted ads didn’t even apply to the user it was targeting.

google plus

Twitter began running promoted trends, but ads have yet to become a prominent element of that site. Google+, however, has no ads. It is a social networking site, and ads don’t get in the way of the user experience.

Google+ has grown quickly considering it is still in the field trial phase. Currently, only people invited with a Gmail account can gain access. A site that combines some of the best that Facebook and Twitter have to offer plus its integration with Google makes Google+ the frontrunner in creating a user-friendly social media platform primed for success.

Jesse Langley
Jesse Langley lives in Austin where he works and enjoys the live music capital of world. He enjoys sports, social media and blogging. He writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University.
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