Servers: Apartment vs. Mansion?

There is a wealth of options out there for any business that is trying to choose which system will best meet their server needs.

There is no one-size fits all system, with each server option having its own advantages and disadvantages so businesses should make sure to carefully consider each system against their individual needs.

When choosing between servers it is much like shopping for real estate – what can you afford and what do you need. So the question is Servers: Apartment vs. Mansion?

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private servers are similar to an apartment. Each user has their own ‘living space’, but share the building with others.

The walls here are virtual, and while each user has their own file-system, they still share RAM and CPU. VPS are more secure than Shared Servers but still do not allow the full security of a dedicated server.

Shared Servers

The house-share option, shared servers are cheap and very popular, meaning that there are a variety of providers with different rates, allowing businesses to shop around for the most suitable deal.

However, they do pose some security risks due to the shared file systems and require users to share server resources. They are most suitable for smaller websites that are not especially sensitive.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the mansions of the industry, with clients renting an entire machine from their provider. This allows complete control over the machine and access to the entirety of its resources, with no sharing or interference from other users.

Clients can either opt to manage the server themselves with full root access or delegate these responsibilities to the provider in what is known as a ‘managed server’ option. These servers are secure and stable with data and services secure and accessible.

However the downside is of course the cost – this level of service is going to require an investment.

These services are most suitable for businesses that run resource-intensive website with a large visitor volume or those who need an extremely reliable secure server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a new offering but could be great for those businesses that require flexibility. If anything, it is closest to setting up bunk-beds for visiting friends.

If a business has seasonal or weekly spikes in traffic due to sales or promotions or if it sometimes has content go ‘viral’ leading to massive upswings in traffic, cloud hosting can handle these ebbs and flows.

Cloud hosting distributes the server load across multiple computers as and when clients require it. Various billing options exist including ‘pay-as-you-go’ and subscription services.

There are concerns about the security of cloud computing but it may well be a very cost-effective option for businesses that anticipate ups and downs in their traffic.

Jesse Langley
Jesse Langley lives in Austin where he works and enjoys the live music capital of world. He enjoys sports, social media and blogging. He writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University.
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