Project Planning Software to Improve your Daily Work

Free Project Planning Software For taking any project to successful completion it is very essential to plan it properly. And, the main challenge of any project is also “planning”.

A project planning software thus plays a crucial role. There are a number of tools available to achieve this, but most of them are paid and expensive. What we need is a free project planning software.

Free Project Planning Software

Express Planner is free project planning software both for Mac and Windows. This totally free software has already been downloaded for more than 10,000 times and is used all over the world.

Express Planner


What you can do and get with Express Planner

  • Express Planner comes with a very intuitive interface in which you will create and plan all your projects.
  • You create and define all your resources the way you want; you can organize them in folders and sub-folders.
  • You share resources between projects; the app will never over-use your resources, you can be confident in the results that will be produced.
  • The scheduling engine automatically calculates start-dates and end-dates of projects and tasks, no more up to you to do that.
  • You will also be able to generate reports to exchange the plan and schedules with your colleagues.
  • This free planning tool comes with a community where you will get access to free how-to video tutorials, project planning templates and a forum.


Express Planner

Why Express Planner is good for you?

This free project planning software is perfect for small companies wishing to plan their projects and anticipate the impact of new projects within their current portfolio while updating the progress of the current ones.

Update: This software is not free anymore. Thanks for pointing out Karan.

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2 Responses to “Project Planning Software to Improve your Daily Work”

  1. karan says:

    This is not free anymore! 🙁
    are you aware of any other alternatives?

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