Watch Wimbledon Finals High Definition 3D Screening in Theatres Near You

Wimbledon Finals High Definition 3D ScreeningAs the dream of wining the Grand Slam title is coming near for players, fans are gearing up to support their favorite ones. But now they've one more reason for cheer up. This time its the marriage of Sports with Technology.

Wimbledon definitely serves an Ace when this year they decided to screen the match live in High Definition 3D direct to theatres all around the world in collaboration with SONY.

All England Club chief executive Ian Ritchie says “Wimbledon is renowned for its heritage and sense of tradition. At the same time we are always looking for ways to improve the presentation of the championships by successfully blending that tradition with innovation.”

SONY's tagline make.believe is definitely coming true by taking the experience of watching the game of tennis to the next level. We've been watching movies in 3D till now but watching sports in High Definition 3D is a lifetime experience. Now, you'll be able to minutely observe and enjoy every serve, forehand, backhand, volley and slice.

Tennis is a fast paced game and with the added depth of field afforded by HD 3D. 3D tennis is like sitting at the frontboard seat and seeing every action live in front of you.

Watch out some of the exciting behind the scenes where the crew is gearing up to shoot the finals.

After seeing this video you'll get the taste of what will it be like when all these people orchestrate together to catch every action of the game.

As per Fujio Nishida, President of Sony Europe, “Watching tennis in High Defintion 3D is a stunning experience, bringing the speed of the action and emotions of the occasion to life; it is as close to the atmosphere and excitement of Centre Court as actually being there.”

Watching Wimbledon in itself is a great experience, but with 3D audiences will definitly be going to live through every moment and feel the excitement. Across the globe people will not miss the excitement of the match and share the stands with live audiences.

These really are exciting times for the game of Tennis and for all of us. Maryland Locals could enjoy live experience at Cinemark Egyptian. The Women's Finals are screened on Saturday, July 2 and the Men's Finals are on Sunday, July 3 so make sure you secure your seats well in advance.

Check your local 3D cinema to reserve your place to watch the tennis at

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