7 Responses to “How to Create Logo Free Online Without any Software”

  1. ROHITH says:

    thanks lot for your work.its a very nice work

  2. Thanks Saurabhji,

    I am going to launch a new site http://www.virgurjari.com on 11.11.11 and these sites are very useful for me.

    Hope you will reply me via mail also..


  3. Rakhil naik says:

    Sir can u tell me which software is used by professional logo designer for logo designing.sir i will be thankful if u give me the above info.sir please mail me at rakhilnaik05@gmail.com

    • Saurabh Dutta says:

      Hi Rakhi,

      For professional logos I’d suggest any software that can make images in vector format(this format lets you scale your images to any size else images tend to get pixelated).

      IMHO Adobe Illustrator should solve all your needs. I’ve personally used it to create logos and was quite happy with the results.

  4. Casuh says:

    Hi there,

    You should all check http://thelogolab.com/ a totally free service offered by theLogoLab team.

    This is a permanent free logo design service and above all it has a professional approach:

    – you will get a custom made (original) logo design for your company;
    – you will get the full copyright over the design;
    – you will also get the vector files for the design.

    Hard to believe it? Give it a try!

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