Ubisoft Releases Child of Eden – Next Generation Shooter Game for Kinnect

child of eden

Ubisoft finally reveals one truly promising new game called the Child of Eden which is a visual treat for eyes and takes you into a completely different mind-blowing kaleidoscopic world. Child of Eden is a truly modern shooter from Ubisoft brings you into the world of artificial intelligence.

This game is created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (better known as ‘Miz’), the renowned Japanese game maestro who also created Rez, another fabulous game.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Have you played Rez before?

If you’ve played it you will definitely notice that as always Tetsuya Mizuguchi has given a lot of emphasis on vibrant colours and unique concept, beautiful objects and many surprising elements to create a spectacular visual.

ubisoft child of eden

Child of Eden puts you into the center of of the battle to save project Lumi which is an archive of all human memories and a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden. This archive is invaded by an unknown virus towards the end of the game and you mission will be to save Eden to restore hope and peace.

ubisoft child of eden

Child of Eden is able to truly utilise the power of kinnect and with motion control the pleasure of playing the game goes on to a different level. You can operate this action game with both your hands to use the different fluid controls like clapping hands to change weapons, left hand for steady fire and right hand for locking on.

Are you a person who cares for every little detail in the game?

Apart from the visuals, Child of Eden also has music by the spectacular Japanese music band called Genki Rockets. The music is exceptional and creates definitely creates a next generation sensory experience. Every details has been seriously thought to take you through and amazing experience.

I’d suggest you to play this game in a dark room and the effect will even more mesmerising. Child of Eden is definitely a breakthrough in various frontiers in the gaming industry and you should definitely grab a copy of it to add to your collection.


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