Convert Web Pages into Kindle ebooks using Firefox Extension

Convert Web Pages into Kindle ebooks using Firefox Extension

If you have a shiny new eBook reader and you want to fill the library of good content you find on the web, can help you.

To convert web pages into Kindle or any other ebook reader, this Firefox extension can help you turn any web page content into ebooks. The format is also ideal for import into any ebook readers like kindle.

Its operation, as shown in the video above is very simple, since the text of selected pages is automatically detected, allowing to modify the appearance of the result to get the best possible ebook.

In a browsing session you can collect several texts to later transform them all into a single file, thus facilitating easy management.

To convert web pages into kindle ebooks, you can download the plugin directly from:

Use the Free. License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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