Top Five Money Saving Printer Tips

We put in a lot of money not only when buying a printer but on an ongoing basis from time to time. Therefore its very essential to know how you can save on printing and money you spend on your printer.

1. Buy re-manufactured/compatible cartridges

One top tip for saving money when printing is to buy re-manufactured or compatible cartridges. They will cost a lot less than original cartridges but if you get the right ones they can be a lot cheaper.

Check reviews before buying and make sure the site you are buying from offers a guarantee so you can return them if they do not work.

2. Use printer friendly software

When printing a web document you will probably end up printing unwanted ads and image. So to help you save that all important ink there are a number of apps and pieces of software to help drill down documents to just the information you want.

Have a look at PrintFriendly. It will allow you to do just this and could save you a lot of money.


3. Store unused ink cartridges properly

It’s not uncommon for people to buy a stock of ink cartridges to save and use at a later day. If you do so then make sure they are stored in a cool and dry place, as ink cartridges can actually go off and may not work after the best before date.

4. Keep your empty cartridges and get them refilled

Don’t just throw away your empty ink cartridges! You can do a number of things with them, some sites will buy your empty cartridges, and you may also be able to get them refilled professionally for less than the cost of an original cartridges.

You could also refill the ink cartridge yourself, but we don’t recommend it as it can be a messy job and may not always work.

5. Use your printer settings wisely

Depending on what your printing you may want to use different quality settings. You probably don’t want to print in high quality when your printing a word document as it will use more ink. So use the printer preferences wisely, you can even print in grey-scale to save that precious color ink, just make sure you set your quality to a higher setting if you want high quality photos.

Kyle is the web developer for a shop that sells ink cartridges online. Follow them on twitter.
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  1. This a great idea and tips on how to save money on printing…Many users of printers didn’t know about this technique…Especially 4 and 5 tips…For me Its really great tips…

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