10 Best Windows 7 Tools and Utilities to Download

There are a lot of Windows 7 Tools and Utilities to Download which can help in enhancing your experience of this Operating System. Although it’s a very neat operating system by itself but some of these additions make it even more useful.

Here are some important Windows 7 software downloads that you should definitely have in your system.

1. Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2

This tool helps you detect the operating system you are using in order to use tweaks appropriate to it. When it comes to personalizing Windows 7, this wonderful tweaker gives you many security, user interface, network and system configuration options.

ultimate windows tweaker v2

2. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

You can check if your PC has any problem preparatory to the upgrading to Windows 7 with this Upgrade Advisor. This free utility, created by Microsoft, gives you a summary report if some problems were detected during the scan.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

3. Microsoft Security Essentials

This free-to-use utility protects your home PCs from spyware and viruses. Since Windows products do not come with in-built protection against malware, other than firewall, Microsoft Security Essentials saves you money that you could have spent on page anti-virus programs.

Microsoft Security Essentials

4. Windows Live Photo Gallery

In order to speed up Windows 7, to make it faster than Vista, some features were left out. This free tool makes it possible for users to enjoy photo gallery benefits; to manage and edit photos.

live gallery

5. Image Resizer Powertoy Clone

This free utility provides you with an easy way to resize images in Windows 7 with just a couple of clicks. There are four sizes into which images can be resized: 240 x 320, 640 x 480, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768. You are also given the option of customizing sizes to resize images.

image resizer powertoy clone

6. WinZip Standard

This tool has made it easier to zip and email archives using it than using the in-built zip utility on Windows 7, and it goes just for $30.

winzip 14

7. Windows Easy Transfer

You could copy settings and files between PCs with this utility. The process of choosing the particular files you wish to copy is made easier by the addition of a file explorer to this new version of Easy Transfer. The new Windows Easy Transfer does not hang when it cannot move files, but it cannot copy programs. Connections between PCs can be done using an Easy Transfer Cable. Transfers can also be done using a network connection, USB flash drive or an external hard disk.

Windows Easy Transfer

8. Systerac Tools for Windows

You can substantially boost and optimize your system’s memory using these tools. It is also possible to tweak Windows’ appearance and performance, shred files and clean the hard drive with Systerac Tools for Windows 7. The Windows 7 version that goes for $29.95 can also be used on Vista and XP.

Systerac is easy to use and well organized and a must have for any Windows flavor owner. You can try the trial version first or directly download the professional version as well.

systerac tools for windows

9. Ninite

This tool makes the upgrading to Windows 7 less stressful. Ninite makes it possible for you to move your programs from Windows XP to Windows 7 by just going to Ninite website, picking the needed programs and downloading Ninite to your PC to get the programs installed without exposing you to risk of malware.


10. EnhanceMySe7en Free

This utility makes the maintenance and diagnostic tasks on your system easy. You can monitor the performance of your hard drive, select programs to load at startup and modify the registry with EnhanceMySe7en Free. This tool is also free to use, just as the name indicates.

enhancemyse7en free

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