Streamago – Go Live Anywhere Anytime

streamagoTill now you've been recording videos, uploading them to your favourite site and only then it was available publicly for your friends to view. But things are soon going to change. Streamago is a new service launched by Tiscali that lets live streaming of your videos anywhere and anytime using your internet enabled phone or webcam.

The goal is simple: to offer everyone the opportunity to share online in real time whatever you are filming with your video camera connected to your Laptop or a webcam connected to your PC or even with your smartphone with Internet access.

Internet is all about connectivity and Tiscali has exactly enabled the same. It's giving the users the freedom to transmit "live" via webcast from your smartphone or webcam.

With Streamago you can have your own tv channel for free

Now it's really simple for anyone to have thier own television Channel with this new tool. The service is based on Flash technology and anyone who wants to reach his voice to people on the web, may do so simply by signing up at Streamago and creating a channel. In this way, anyone with a webcam connected to the computer can share live video directly on their channel and at the same time on Facebook page or blog.

There is also a Streamago iPhone (and iPod touch and Ipad 2) application and the same thing can be achieved using this application (coming soon for all smartphones, and tablet) allowing to feed the channel with live video anytime, anywhere.

Streamago - Go Live Anywhere Anytime


All your videos can be managed very easily using the Streamago broadcast console and there is no need to download or install any programs. The console lets you

  • create your own channel using video footage
  • create titles and subtitles in overlay
  • activate a dedicated chat to connect and reply to all comments of your followers in real time

streamago interface

So now when you attend an event which you're friends and relatives are not for some reason, this service can be utilized to keep them updated in realtime. You could embrace Streamago for events like concerts, trips, parties, sporting events, citizen journalism etc. 24/7.

This service by Tiscali will soon be available in the professional version for a fee, dedicated to companies, institutions and organizations that want to broadcast live on the web an event like corporate meeting on a national scale in more structured way.

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2 Responses to “Streamago – Go Live Anywhere Anytime”

  1. Kavya Hari says:

    And, this is one of the correct place to share online in real time, so it has a lot of profit in it. It’s really worthy in it 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Kavya, I agree! and Streamago is very easy to use.. 2 days ago I tried at home with a webcam and now from my iPhone… now I can broadcast everywhere!!!

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