Google Correlate – A New Service By Google to Analyze Data Relationships

google correlate logoWith Google Correlate you can now find searches that correlate with real world data. A lot of search terms are popular in some point of time and least searched on another. You can either use data from your own database or use the correlation of data provided by Google.

In the example below as the official figures of influenza activity rose in the U.S. in recent years it is found that people are looking for terms such as cold or flu in a pattern similar to the CDS influenza rates.

We can search any word and see what other words have to do with it. Correlation can be found on data based on time series and searches that are in the United States.

google correlate

When we look for correlations of the word “job”, Correlate suggests a lot of other terms like sample cover letters, openings, resume cover letter etc.

google correlate

For example for this word we can find correlation and see that it has something to do with the word “certification”, which means that people are looking for jobs and certifications in the same periods of time.

google correlate

The difference is that Google Correlate only needs one term and returns terms those are related to it, while Google Trends takes two or more in order to compare them (Correlate is more proactive). On the other hand Correlate can import our own data.

With Correlate you can also export the resulting terms in a CSV file.

A good tool for trends and discover relationships between seemingly independent data.

You can find more information on the Google Blog and

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