How to Stop Spam Emails – 6 Most Effective Ways to Filter Junk Emails

how to stop email spamOne of the most common complaints I hear a lot is about how people get a lot of spam and junk email and everybody is looking for that magical way of how to stop spam emails. Well, I hate hate to say the bad news but if you have an online account then receiving a large number of emails per day is one of the things you better be prepared for.

Subscribing to the e-zines, reports, special offers, free gifts, exchange traffic, membership sites, updates, etc. bring in a lot of spam emails.

Once you’ve joined any such list or have your site up for a while and kept the same email address published on a page for a couple of years, you’ll also notice a larger number of “not-so-legitimate e-mail .

And we’re not talking about a 5 or 10 additional emails a day, its about getting “hundreds” of emails in your inbox every day.

So today I’ll offer some suggestions on how to stop spam emails and save time in processing all these incoming mail. I do not pretend to be an expert on how to receive less spam or how to delete mailing lists or even how to effectively filter all your incoming email. But since I do not pay for mail filtering services that I have developed some techniques to help avoid some spam and filter some of it out of my inbox.

6 ways to prevent or stop spam emails and effective ways to filter junk emails

1. Never Never share your e-mail or share it on an untrusted Web page

E-mail addresses are collected by a lot of phishing websites who then sell theses email addresses to anyone who wants them. Some of these websites trap you with ideas like dating, part of the body enlargement pills, loans or cashing of money hidden from some foreign country, etc. I recommend you do not put your email address in any such website.

how to stop emails

2. Don’t click on links in emails identified as Spam – not even the unsubscribe link!

While a lot of spam does not contain an unsubscribe link, some of them seem to have one. Problems with clicking the links are:

a) It may or may not unsubscribe from the list (because if someone can send you unsolicited email you can not trust them to unsubscribe) and

b) it validates your email address and puts you on a verified list for sale. So instead of receiving unwanted mail from one party you’ve probably make yourself available to a lot of other spammers.

3. Don’t use an email address that starts with “admin” or “webmaster”.

When you create your contact information for your site, use an email address that do not start with “admin” or “webmaster”. Because these names are commonly used in many lists are created by collecting domain names and then adding “admin @” and “webmaster @”.

4. Do not use the default email provided by the Webhost

Most web hosts allow multiple mailboxes and one email is provided by default for communication. The default mailbox that is created will receive all emails sent to your domain – no matter what name is used. If your site allows you to have more than one mailbox you should create another mailbox for your sensitive information and use it to keep in touch with others.

stop email spam

So all your legitimate email will go to that mailbox. When you check your default e-mail, you may find that your site receives thousands of spam messages that you do not need to read but have to delete one by one.

5. Use the built in spam filters for email service you use.

I switched to Outlook 2007 sometime back and it has many new features to block junk mail (spam). The most notable feature is Microsoft Junk E-Mail Filter. There are 5 key features in Outlook ® 2007 to help fight against spam include:

a) Junk E-mail Filter
b) Safe Senders List
c) List of Recipients
d) Blocked Senders List
e) Automatic Update

Every time I identify a valid email address I add it to the “Safe Senders List.” Although this filter is not 100% effective but it identifies between 95% – 98% of Junk and moves them out of my inbox. (Yahoo and other postal services also provide spam filters. Try the turn for a week and see if it will work for you.)

6. Ceate some personal mail rules to direct certain messages to specified folders.

Last but not the least try creating some rules in your email client so that mails can be directly sent into specified folders. In this manner mails identified as junk will directly go to the junk email folder.

Although the above suggestions will prevent most of your spam to go into your Inbox, some will still make it through. So follow these steps to avoid receiving spam and to learn to use your email program. Hope you get success in stopping spam emails.

Saurabh Dutta
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