BlackBerry 9780 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry Bold 9900BlackBerry 9780 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry’s Bold 9900 has arrived to acclaim across the mobile world, but how does it compare to the older but infamous 9780? We compare the spec and see if this is the advent of a new era for BlackBerry or whether it’s actually quite similar to the older 9780.

The main difference between the two devices does not come in the looks department. Both phones adopt BlackBerry’s typical curved shape with a full QWERTY keyboard. This is a classic design which there can be no complaints about and both have dropped the faux leather effect which pleased some consumers but not others.

Screen size is pretty similar. The 9780 has the slightly bigger display with a 2.44in offering in contrast to the 9900’s 2.3 in screen. However, the 9900s screen is a capacitive touch model and can be used as well alongside the buttons for navigation and choosing applications.

The buttons and touch navigation is also the best yet from BlackBerry and really impresses, not that the 9780’s buttons are poor, it’s just the 9900’s are so good.

blackberry bold 9780

Blackberry Bold 9780

Inside the two have different processors, with the 9780 showing its age and having a 600MHz core, in contrast the new 9900 has a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, which is super quick and very capable of offering multitasking in this device.

The 9900 also comes with 768mb of RAM which is more than the 512mb that the 9780 offers. This gives the newer 9900 a large advantage over the older BlackBerry model. Both devices have 5mp cameras, which are decent and do a fairly ok job. They both have LED flashes and have decent picture quality.

The big changes are in the operating systems – the newer 9900 has the well improved BlackBerry OS7 and the 9780 has the BlackBerry 6 version of the same operating system.

It must be said that BlackBerry OS 7 is as much an improvement on OS 6 as OS 6 was on the even older OS 5, which naturally gives the 9900 a serious edge in this area. The screen is a lot tidier as are the icons and it has a far better quality feel to it.


Blackberry Bold 9900

RIM will be happy with the progress the 9780 made with its social network feed and good web browsing but there can be no dispute that the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the better of the two devices, having all the things that traditionally make a BlackBerry good and that little bit more.

This is a guest article by Cormac Reynolds. If you wish to write for techchai, you can get in touch using the write for us form above.

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