Top Free Android Apps For Easy Information Access

top free android appsAre you looking for Top Free Android Apps For Easy Information Access? Then your search ends here.

Smartphones make access to information easier, and to think that most smartphones operate on Google’s Android operating system explains the ease of access to information on Google.

For those who’d prefer using other applications than the in-built applications on Android smartphones, here are some of the top free andoid apps that makes your access to information easier; they’re readily available in the Android Market.

Some of these applications also work on iPhone.


This app keeps you informed about the happenings in the Congress. An open source app from Sunlight Labs, Congress makes it possible to search for senators by ZIP code, last name, or state because the app already has a directory of U.S. senators and representatives with their profiles included.

Among the many other information provided by the Congress app are: The most recent bills in the Congress, process of voting on bills, laws passed and the composition of committees, to mention a few.

Congress Android


The app provides video instructions and text transcriptions of how to do a lot of things. There are DIY videos and other types of how-to videos each lasting about 2 minutes. You even have the options of either viewing video instructions or reading text transcriptions; it depends on the one you are comfortable with.

Even if you are having difficulty deciding what to learn, Howcast can serve you a random instruction just by shaking your phone.

howcast android app


This app by Dale Jefferson gives you access to many newspapers from different countries – Canada, France, the United States and the UK. The app features popular newspapers like The Guardian, The New York Times, Le Monde and others, including online news bodies like the BBC and CNN.

Some regional newspapers like Fresno Bee and Arkansas Democratic Gazette are also covered by the Newspapers app. You can even be allowed to save favorites by paying just $1.70.

Newspaper by Dale Jefferson

TED Mobile

Having its inspiration from the annual Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference where great thinkers from around the world and across many fields are requested to speak about any topic they like for about 18 minutes, TED Mobile contains not less than 700 of such talks given by people like Bill Gates, Al Gore and many other great people.

A project of MotherApp, TED Mobile Android app makes these talks available to you on your smartphones to get you inspired.

TED Mobile


This app is an adaptation of the CIA’s World FactBook that contains information about every single country in the world. Created by Urbian Inc., FactBook contains information concerning the economy, political structure, climate, demography and geography of every country making it a very useful app for travelers and international business people.

The data contained in the FactBook are updated two times in a year, and the developer of the app stated that each entry has a button that opens an informative page on it on Wikipedia.

factbook android


The Mint Android app works with your account. is a free online service that helps to bring all your finance and investment information together in one place; it also assists in creating a budget.

The Mint app displays an estimate of your monthly cash flow, your total account balance at a point in time and your budget status. You are also notified by the app via alerts of the situation of things in your account; for example, when you have low account balance. Android App


Using GPS coordinates on your phone, this app helps you find places in your neighborhood. When you are looking for places like restaurants, banks, hotels and gas stations, just call Geodelic into action.

Geodelic also provides different options of viewing the results of your search for places – in a list, on a map or based on points of interest. The app can even suggest places you may find interesting to you.

geodelic android app

This finishes our list of Top Free Android Apps For Easy Information Access and hope you’ll definitely try them.

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