HTC Sensation vs. Nokia X7

Nokia X7HTC Sensation vs. Nokia X7 Comparision

Nokia hope its new smart phone offering can build up steam and return them to the pedestal they once held onto. On the other hand HTC will hope the Sensation will build upon where the Desire left off and help HTC maintain their place as a strong iPhone alternative. So, which is better?

The X7 is a pretty machine and its shape gives it a certain amount of personality. The HTC though is more of a safe choice, completely inoffensive; it lacks the good looks of the Nokia. Both offer similar sized plus 4in screens, though the HTC’s is a little bigger. However the Nokia’s AMOLED screen is on top of its game and the clarity it offers is unrivaled by the nonetheless pretty good HTC.

Engine wise the HTC has a 1.2GHz dual core Goliath inside with 768MB RAM, whereas the X7 has a relatively paltry 680 MHz processor and 256 RAM. The HTC is well acknowledged as a powerhouse in the Android phone market and crushes the Nokia.


Nokia’s X7 also runs a Symbian Anna operating system compared to the Android 2.3 powered HTC. Though Symbian Anna is an improvement on previous incarnations of the OS it still lags behind the concrete solidity of Android Gingerbread. 2.3.

One thing both have in common is camera pixels, both devices have 8mp cameras with LED flashes. However, Nokia’s Symbian OS is meant to be a better bet in the photography stakes – many feel Android isn’t versatile enough.

nokia x7

There can be no debate over internal memory storage. The HTC has a full 4GB compared to the Nokia’s almost embarrassing 350mb. Claims for the Nokia are that HTC’s new 3D edition of their Sense interface uses much of this 4GB of memory.

The Sense UI is beautiful however and offers simplicity as well as good looks. The Nokia, though good, can’t compete with one of the best and most spectacular interfaces in the Smartphone world.

htc sensation

The Sensation’s other attributes, such as the new Watch app, its ability for 1080p recording and 16:9 ratio screen among other things, take it far ahead of the Nokia X7.

Though it is good to see the former mobile phone emperor make up some ground in the smart phone world; it is still very clear to see it is way off the pace set by iPhone 4 and HTC. The HTC Sensation is a far better phone, offering a far better execution in smart phone tech.

This is a guest article by Cormac Reynolds. If you wish to write for techchai, you can get in touch using the write for us form above.

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