Facebook Deals and Google Offers All Set to Compete with Groupon

facebook dealsAfter the huge success of Groupon the two internet giants namely Facebook and Google are all set to compete with Groupon and have recently launched their own products namely Facebook Deals and Google Offers in this segment.

The Google Offers Story

Google last week presented its own website for coupons at local businesses called “Google offers”. This competitor of Groupon is available in beta version in only one city at this time.

The residents of Portland, Oregon are the first to test the new Google service, a direct competitor to Groupon. Groupon currently holds almost 100% share as a site specializing in group purchasing and now both google and facebook intend to have a market share.

With Google Offers, the search engine will also try out contactless payment technology for mobile devices, according to Bloomberg. In the next phase it will extend its service to New York and San Francisco.

What’s the fuss about Groupon

According to information from several media, in December Groupon refused a takeover offer of 3.4 and 4.3 billion dollars from Google. The principle of multiple purchases, which can get discounts from a number of buyers, is attracting more and more people.


The Chicago-based site already has 60 million subscribers in 45 countries and has allowed it the luxury of rejecting a bid of 4.3 billion dollars from Google. Groupon offers daily or several coupons for services and products at reduced rates. These deals are activated only if a sufficient number of Internet users have subscribed. This has attracted the attention of another giant Facebook to compete.

Facebook is now game on with Facebook New Deals

Facebook, which currently has over 500 million profiles, is all set to test a similar service. The social network launched a service similar to Groupon and named it New Deals. This service will be available from today onwards.

Facebook Deals

Facebook also wants to walk on the beds of Groupon. It is a paid promotion when several users, i.e. “friends” on the Facebook network, on request. “ These deals will be available in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco,” as per Facebook.

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