Motorola Atrix – Not Just a Phone

Motorola Atrix 4G2The new Motorola Atrix could be the future of mobile phones. Having a number of ground breaking new features, Motorola will hope it will smash current perceptions and barriers in the phone world.

The Atrix is not just a mere smart phone, its dual core 1GHz chip and 2.2 Android is amply powered to be used in a netbook and the thing is – it sort of is. The Atrix offers two packages, allowing it to link to larger screens utilising its PC like operating system on a big screen to give a full PC experience.

The multimedia dock comes with connections allowing the little phone to join to three USB and one HDMI port. It also comes with a mouse, remote and keyboard, which along with the OS allows a computer experience when linked to an independent monitor through the multimedia dock.

The more expensive Lapdock is a self contained 11.6in screen and full keyboard, which the phone plugs into – this allows it to offer a full netbook experience. The Lapdock includes stereo speakers and 540x 960 HD resolution playback, as well as full screen offerings of all Android applications.
motorola atrix 4g
The 1GB Ram ensures the device is fast, but the weight of applications sometimes does slow the hybrid machine up a little while it’s docked – especially while playing Flash or HD footage. Also the Motorola WebTop software is patchy in spots, but as it’s only version 1.0, time should iron such issues out.

The Atrix by itself is a slim and attractive phone but its plastic body leaves a little to be desired. Though, the Lapdock is an attractive accessory with its brushed aluminium and slim size. It’s expected to push the £350 mark when released, expensive for what is essentially a screen, keyboard and mouse. The Lapdock does charge the phone while plugged in, which is a plus, though the by phone itself is well capable of surviving a full day without need to wire it to the mains.

The Atrix is a very powerful phone and possibly has the most horsepower of anything available in the current market. Its dual core processor is more than ample for running any Android 2.2 apps on its small screen. However aside from price issues with accessories the biggest concern is the lag in power when connected to the Lapdock or Multimedia dock.

motorola atrix lapdock

Though, with quad core chips arriving soon on the market, the idea of a Lapdock as a potential replacement for the average laptop is very real. The concept of the Motorola Atrix is highly commendable and as a phone it’s an excellent machine, but is limited by available technology as far as docking is concerned.

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