10 Essential Blogging Tools for Every Blogger Should Use

Every blogger has a style of blogging and a specific set of blogging tools they use. I’ve tried to compile a list of such blogging tools that every blogger must know and start using.

1. Paper and pencil

Seems very simple but yet very powerful blogging tool to take notes and write articles. As soon as you’ve time and an inspiration comes in your mind (For example: waiting for a taxi, watching television, etc) just take a note using a paper and a pencil

2. Royalty Free Image Websites

www.istockphoto.com and www.sxc.hu are two popular websites where you can search Royalty free images to illustrate in your articles. There are other photo sites at affordable prices too which you can use in your articles like virusphoto.com.

3. MS Word and Notepad

MS Word is the best editor to write your articles since it has automatic grammar and spell-check, and Windows Notepad to copy and paste. Notepad clears unnecessary formatting details and gives you clean text.

4. Photoshop or PhotoFiltre (free)

Blog posts look nice with Images. Use one of these tools to edit your images.

5. http://www.basecamphq.com (free)

Project Management tool to classify and be organized of what you have to do (you will be overwhelmed all the time!).

6. Aweber.com

An important blogging tool to manage your newsletters (subscribe, send, statistics etc.).

7. www.google.com

How can we forget this one? It is our favorite search engine to drive traffic, we use Google Adsense for ads and monetizing our website, Google Analytics to keep a track of Statistics of the blog visitors.

8. A workbook

There is interesting stuff published in newspapers and magazines all the time which can be an inspiration to write your own articles. If you find something interesting that you’ve encountered while you’re reading them, cut them out and storing all these items in a work book for future reference.

blogging tools

9. www.feedburner.com

Again and extremely useful service by google to manage your RSS feeds, and www.netvibes.com to manage your readings of RSS feeds.

10. Comment Management tools

If your site become popular use one of these tools to manage the discussions.

Start using these blogging tools today and you’ll definitely find them useful and helpful to organize yourself.

Saurabh Dutta
Saurabh Dutta is the founder and author of TechChai. He writes on useful technology tips, tricks, tutorials, articles and interesting technology updates on various websites and blogs online.
If you wish to write for techchai, you can get in touch using the write for us form above.

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