5 Free Benchmarking Software For Windows

Who doesn’t want a speedy computer? We all do. And most of us have had spent our times and energies in optimizing our computers so as to increase its speed. Now how do we know whether our efforts have made an impact or not, were they fruitful or not?

Well, the solution is simple- Download a free benchmark testing software which will judge your performance in an objective unbiased manner and whenever you make any changes to your computer, you will be able to see how much it has affected your computer’s performance.

Here’s a quick review of some great free benchmarking software products to help you:

1. SuperPi

This is how it works- SuperPi is able to calculate the value of pi up to 32 million digits after the decimal point and that is what it makes the processor of your computer do. It now tracks how quickly this calculation is terminated by the processor.

This software is extremely useful if you are willing to know the speed of your processor, but it does not track the speed of other components of the computer. So if you want an overall judgment, then better go for something else, but if your focus in on your processor’s speed the SuperPi is one of the best!

2. 3DMark 06 / PCMark 05

3DMark and PCMark are popular computer benchmarks by Futuremark, a software company which has been offering great variety of benchmarks, since long. Although, the latest versions of 3DMark and PCMark aren’t available for free, but you can always go for the older versions which can be used unlimitedly without you having to pay a buck.

However, the free versions come with limited options, which you will have to deal with. One thing which you should know is that Futuremark’s benchmarks are very high, and so it is possible that your computer, which you assume to work on rocket speed, still achieves a low score. These are usually used to analyze the gaming performance.

3. Novabench

Novabench is free benchmark testing software which can gauge different aspects of computer efficiency. Now here’s why novabench stands out as an all rounder- It tests processing speed, 2D graphics performance and also the hard disk read/write performance. In addition to all this, Novabench also tests the multimedia and graphics performance. So, Novabench makes one good, well-rounded benchmarking software.

4. SiSoft Sandra

Sandra is an abbreviation for ‘System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant’. This fully-featured benchmark suite is preferred by those who are interested in a detailed analysis of the inner working of their computer.

Even the free version of SiSoft Sandra offers you so many benchmarking tests, that you will have fun exploring various aspects of your computer, which you might have never thought about. The unique feature of Sandra is that it provides comparisons and references to let you have a better idea of what an upgrade can do and what not.

5. Fraps

Undoubtedly, the most popular and one of the best gaming benchmarks in the computer world, FRAPS is a non-synthetic benchmark. FRAPS does not judge your computer based on a series of tests which most other benchmarks use rather it records the actual performance of your computer.

One of the most popular free gaming benchmarks in existence, FRAPS is different from all of the other free benchmark testing software on this list because it is the only non-synthetic benchmark. This is done by recording how many frames per second the compuer can produce while gaming. And the good news is that FRAPS benchmarking fuction is absolutely free!

How to choose?

Choose a benchmark which suits your requirements the best. Don’t go for jazzy things until and unless you need them. For example if your primary concern is processor speed, then go for SuperPi, or if you are a gaming freak you can try 3Dmark. Work out your options likewise, and make the right choice. Have fun benchmarking!

Saurabh Dutta
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